Written by Marlon

On October 26, 2020

Announcing the release of the Proton Web SDK with documentation

To encourage the continued progress of the Proton blockchain, and support developers who are actively building with Proton, we have released our Web SDK along with documentation.

Proton Web SDK

The Proton Web SDK is built off of Greymass’s Anchor-link and the Anchor-link browser transport. This package is a one-stop-shop to integrate and communicate with the Proton Wallet, providing support for different sessions, authentication, and transactions.

Additionally, we added support for the Anchor wallet directly so that users can choose whether to authenticate with Proton or Anchor.

Documentation for the Proton Web SDK

We published detailed documentation on how to use the Web SDK in the docs section of our website.

We previously released other parts of the Proton Open SDK, namely the Native Wallet SDK’s: ProtonSwift and ProtonKotlin and the Proton API with Postman Docs.

Committed to helping developers build on Proton

These releases are further evidence of our commitment to helping developers build on Proton and create the next generation of Dapps, payment systems, and more. We see Proton as an integral piece of the story of cryptocurrency, and we’re excited to see what this decentralized movement can create with the tools we are providing them.

If you have any questions regarding this or other related topics, we encourage you to join our Telegram or Discord channels to communicate with our team and the rest of the community.

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