Written by Logan Smith

On August 25, 2021

Big Cat Rescue launches their NFT collection on Proton Market

Proton Market was built from the ground up to make NFTs (non-fungible tokens) accessible and affordable. With instant transactions, no gas fees, and a highly customizable storefront, Proton Market is an elegant solution for a complex problem.

But what does that look like in reality? Is it really as simple to create an NFT storefront as we’re making it out to be? We’d like to introduce you to Big Cat Rescue and Carole Baskin, who have chosen Proton Market for their NFT collection exactly for the reasons that we outlined above.

If you haven’t heard of Big Cat Rescue before this point, you might be surprised to find that such a charity exists in the United States. Dedicated to helping protect wildlife, especially big cats like tigers, Big Cat Rescue has risen to national stardom in recent months. Like most charitable organizations, Big Cat Rescue has been constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve. They wanted to give their supporters a way to donate money to their organization while receiving something in return, and the idea of offering cat-themed NFTs felt perfect to them.

Unfortunately, as many of you know first-hand, using NFTs in a charitable way is nearly impossible on most platforms. With gas fees for simple transactions hovering between $40 and $200+, you would have to donate a lot of money in order for a single cent to make it to the charity after the gas fees are scooped off the top. That’s where Proton Market comes into the picture.

The Proton blockchain is highly efficient, in more ways than one. Not only are transactions on Proton instantaneous, but there are zero gas fees for end users. Proton Market is also ecologically efficient; transactions use very little energy to process, which means less strain on our energy grid, less greenhouse gases used to process transactions, and less of an impact on our planet. That’s good for all of us – big cats and humans alike.

Big Cat Rescue chose Proton Market because we are the only NFT solution that keeps their NFTs highly accessible to their supporters. Additionally, by leveraging the open-source nature of Proton Market, Big Cat Rescue was able to customize their NFT storefront to match their own style and keep it on their own website. This means that their users don’t have to go somewhere else to support Big Cat Rescue – it can all be contained on their own website. Check it out here and see it for yourself.

Big Cat Rescue might have been one of the first large charitable organizations to use Proton Market as their NFT solution, but they likely won’t be the last. As the Proton ecosystem continues to grow, and more people discover the opportunities that the Proton blockchain presents, we anticipate an increasing number of projects will make full use of everything we’ve built to make cryptocurrency and blockchain technology more accessible.

Creators interested in building their own NFT marketplace powered by Proton can get started by reviewing our open source documentation here. Have questions about what can be done, or interested in having us work with you when building your version? Reach out to our team at bizdev@metalpay.co and let us know what you’re thinking, we’d be happy to find a way to work with you as you build your dreams.

Welcome to Proton, we’re glad you’re here.

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