Written by Logan Smith

On October 15, 2021

Coming Soon: Proton wallet 2.0

Our community loves using the one-of-a-kind Proton wallet – it’s fast, easy, beautiful, and free to use. We think we can do even better, which is why we’re completely re-imagining the Proton wallet experience and rebuilding it from the ground up to be even better, using the modern framework of React Native to supercharge the user experience. That means the back-end of Proton wallet is going to run much smoother than before, while the front-end gets cleaned and polished to be even more enjoyable to use.

We’re calling this Proton wallet 2.0, and we think our community is going to love this. Below we’ll give you some bullet points explaining what this is and what it means for you, and at the bottom we’ll show you a sneak peak of what the new app looks like.

Here are the major advantages of building Proton wallet on React:

  • Common code base. By using the React Native engine, iOS and Android will share the same code base, meaning future updates can launch for both devices simultaneously.
  • Stability and scalability. With a stronger foundation in place, the Proton wallet ecosystem is ready for rapid growth while minimizing user disruptions and bugs.
  • Refactored data sourcing. We’re re-approaching blockchain data inquiries in a different way, allowing for faster data access speeds and application responsiveness for users.
  • Upgraded Proton Signing Request. The backbone of the Proton ecosystem, PSRs will be more reliable and faster than before.


The advantages don’t stop there. Launching Proton wallet 2.0 will bring many new features to the Proton wallet, including:

  • Feature and user experience parity. There will be a consistent user interface and experience for all users, regardless of the platform being used. That means Android and iOS users can enjoy the same features at the same time.
  • Re-imagined sign-up process. We’re creating a brand new, streamlined sign-up flow that eliminates the hassle of the unnecessary username and password process. That means our security and speed just got an upgrade.
  • Multi-mainnet support. This unlocks native support for sending and receiving all Proton-supported tokens, on all supported mainnets, including memo-based transfers.
  • Multi-account support. You’ll gain the ability to quickly import an existing account, create a new account, or switch between existing Proton accounts without needing to log out of the app.


Here’s the tl;dr key takeaways:

    • Moving forward, iOS and Android versions of the Proton wallet will remain the same, and there will be feature and UI/UX parity in each new release.
    • Bug fixes and new features will come much quicker and more predictably than before.
    • We are current in a closed beta version of Proton wallet 2.0
    • We will be opening an open beta version of Proton wallet 2.0 in the coming weeks.

Here are some screenshots of the current closed beta version of Proton wallet 2.0. While some small features may change between now and open beta, this will give you a general sense of what to expect.

We know you’re ready to try the Proton wallet 2.0 experience for yourself, and we can’t wait to give you access to the world’s fastest, most flexible, and most enjoyable cryptocurrency wallet. Anyone who uses Proton wallet today knows it’s more than just a wallet, it’s a way to stake crypto, swap crypto, approve transactions, make payments, and so much more. With Proton wallet 2.0, that “so much more” is about to be larger than you ever imagined.

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Welcome to Proton, we’re glad you’re here.

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