Written by Logan Smith

On July 6, 2021

Customize your own NFT storefront with our interactive template

Our ground-breaking NFT marketplace has been one of the community’s favorite projects to come from the Proton team in recent months. Proton Market, the world’s easiest to use NFT platform, has allowed people to upload an NFT with just a few clicks, buy and sell NFTs for just a few cents in fees, and earn royalties on resales of their creations passively and stress-free.

Before we continue explaining our thinking and vision around Proton Market, here is the TL;DR version of what we’re announcing:

  • Proton Market is open source, meaning anyone can integrate it into their own website
  • The Proton Market platform is now customizable, too; this means you can change it to match your website’s overall style
  • By increasing the extent to which Proton Market is open source, we are simultaneously increasing our position as a DeFi team dedicated to giving people more freedom

By making our template interactive, creators can now change how Proton Market looks when it’s on their website: from the font on the headings down to the text on the buttons.

The outpouring of support we had surrounding Proton Market was humbling, and it inspired us to think bigger in our vision for how the world uses NFTs. As a refresher, NFTs are non-fungible tokens – a piece of technology rooted in the cryptocurrency industry that allows anyone to prove ownership of digital assets. NFTs re-imagine how the world can interact with artwork, music, 3D models, event tickets, official documents, and so much more.

We firmly believe that whatever can be decentralized should be decentralized; cryptocurrency is best when more people can exert small amounts of collective control, and this logic applies to our own projects as well. For this reason, we made the code behind Proton Market open source – meaning anyone can integrate Proton Market into their own website without needing to ask permission.

An open source NFT marketplace is one that allows creators to retain website visitors, meaning there are fewer pain points and opportunities to lose web traffic. To build on this momentum, we have also released an interactive version of Proton Market. With this, creators can not only integrate the Proton Market platform into their own website, but they can also change the way that it looks and feels so that it matches their overall style.

At Proton, we are focused on building powerful products that are functional, easy to use, and highly accessible. The Proton blockchain enables us to create projects that are not constrained by gas fees, enjoy instant transactions, and can leverage the simple Proton @name and decentralized identity framework when pushing transactions. We have done the heavy lifting when it comes to building Proton Market and making it truly great, now we’re ready for creators to do what they do best and start using it to offer NFTs of their original work to their followers.

Creators interested in building their own NFT marketplace powered by Proton can get started by reviewing our open source documentation here. Have questions about what can be done, or interested in having us work with you when building your version? Reach out to our team at bizdev@metalpay.co and let us know what you’re thinking, we’d be happy to find a way to work with you as you build your dreams.

Welcome to Proton, we’re glad you’re here.

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