Written by Logan Smith

On May 1, 2022

Day 1 – Pixel Heroes | Proton May #BetterNFTs


Hello Proton family!

We’re delighted to introduce the first project for this month’s campaign, Proton May #BetterNFTs. Our goal is to introduce the incredibly talented creators behind the projects you know and love.

As part of the campaign, we will publish a ‘Meet The Creators’ interview everday, alongside their NFT giveaway, so you can find out more about their project, the inspiration behind each series, what’s next for them, and why they chose Proton.

So without further ado, please meet the team from a community favorite project, Pixel Heroes!

Meet The Creators – Pixel Heroes 


Tell us a little bit about yourself, and your background before getting into NFTs?

Thomas has worked in multiple fields, as well as holding multiple leadership roles. He has always had a great passion for games (both board/card and video) as well as technology and in general. 

Caleb is a graphic designer by trade and has likely designed something on a product you own if you live in the US. He has a great appreciation for art and design flow.


How were you introduced to NFT’s?

I have been in the crypto space since 2017, and have followed the technology intensely. When I first got interested in NFT’s was when NFT gaming began to emerge. Things like Gala Games and Dr Who World’s apart I found very interesting. From there, I learned more about other applications and community building that comes with NFT culture.


Why did you choose Proton Blockchain to host your collection?

I first fell in love with Proton from a defi and technology perspective. As I explored the ecosystem, I ventured into experimenting with minting and more. Proton made it very easy and simple to get started in the NFT space. Two big things that Proton has in particular that benefit NFT’s are gasless transactions and wrapped tokens. These allow users to get NFT’s at good prices without having to spend large amounts on gas. In addition – NFT’s are able to be easily purchased and traded among multiple currencies. On top of this, Proton utilizes the Atomic Assets NFT standard from pink.gg. This makes it easy to create NFT’s while also allowing for more advanced options for those who need them.

And also the community. Proton has an incredible, supportive, and strong community. Community is the backbone of NFT’s so it makes sense to build a project where such a great one exists.


Tell us about your collection and the inspiration?

Pixel Heroes began as a collectible trading card concept inspired from old school RPG’s and games like Magic the Gathering. From there, we have grown into build a fully fledged P2E game. Players build a team of 4 heroes (just like an RPG party in old school games). You also have a deck filled with items and spells to outfit your heroes as you draw through. Defeat your opponent’s team to win!

We also have a collection of Pixel Heroes avatars which are 1/1 NFT’s based on your favorite Heroes! Owning these NFT’s allows you to set your profile picture as one within the game. They also provide you with a free RDM token once per week. These tokens are used to purchase ultra rare graphically variant cards for use in game.


What benefits do your NFT holders have? (Passive Income, DAO, Airdrops)

In addition to the RDM tokens, we also have our $PIXEL token. Currently, holding 1k of this token provides you with a free NFT (or booster pack of NFT’s) every week! Once a month – this card is an exclusive only obtainable through these drops our purchasing on the secondary market. Exclusives are also not re-printed into later editions. In the future, we will add additional utility to this token – such as purchasing new booster packs/expansions and as entry fees for tournaments and more where you can earn crypto!

Simply playing the Pixel Heroes game will earn you crypto such as $PIXEL. Placing high enough on the leaderboard or winning tournaments can provide additional rewards such as XPR!


What’s next for your project?

We will continue to develop our P2E game and ideally release a beta soon! We will also shortly be inviting select users to log in and try out the deck builder in the coming weeks.

Beyond that, we will continue to create new variant cards, avatars, as well as begin work on our first expansion set!


If you want to give a shoutout, now is your chance!

Thank you to the whole Proton team and community for all of your support and encouragement!


Project Details

Main Website | pixelheroes.in

Twitter | https://twitter.com/PixelHeroes1

Collection | https://protonmint.com/322142131552



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