Written by Logan Smith

On May 10, 2022

Day 10 – Proton Skulls | Proton May #BetterNFTs

We’re back with another project in this month’s Proton May #BetterNFTs campaign. As a reminder, our goal is to introduce the incredibly talented creators behind the projects you know and love to help you learn more about the Proton ecosystem.

As part of the campaign, we publish a ‘Meet The Creators’ interview everyday, alongside an NFT giveaway from that creator, so you can learn more about their project, the inspiration behind each series, what’s next for them, and why they chose Proton.

Don’t forget: Proton allows users to mint NFTs instantly and without paying gas fees. Intelligent smart contracts ensure that creators earn royalties on future sales of their NFTs, allowing a pathway for artists to continue to earn income from their creations. And because Proton Market has an open-source template, talented creators can customize their own storefront to create a truly unique experience for their communities.

Please meet the team from another community favorite project, Proton Skulls!

Meet The Creators – Proton Skulls

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and your background before getting into NFTs?

I work in Healthcare IT, and I’m in the process of starting a small vegetable farm so I consider myself a farmer now. I just got bees, so I guess I’m a beekeeper too. I also like making music and writing – that’s a big part of who I am and how I express myself. I’m from Los Angeles, California, and I currently live in Tennessee. 

How were you introduced to NFT’s?

I follow a lot of crypto related folks on Twitter, so naturally NFTs became a popular topic when people made large gains on NFT sales on ETH and Solana. I got into Proton last April after searching for low cap coins with high growth potential on coinmarketcap.com, and I loved what Proton was doing. Shortly after, I got into Pixel Heroes and other NFT projects by being involved in the telegram chats.

Why did you choose Proton Blockchain to host your collection?

It’s really a no-brainer. Proton is easy to use, fast, inexpensive, and trustworthy. There are no sending fees, and minting and resource fees are incredibly inexpensive. A fast, low-cost blockchain makes NFT art more accessible to both buyers and artists and is truly “for the people.” I am all about things that can benefit everyone, and Proton blockchain is one of those things. 

Tell us about your collection and the inspiration?

I love pixel art – its vintage video game feel is very nostalgic, so the pixel style was a natural choice. Proton Skulls launched in September 2021, shortly after I started making NFTs. I started with some small animations and my Dangerous Plants collection, which is an animated collection of the world’s most dangerous plants. 

After creating a skull and snake animation, I noticed how many people enjoyed pfp/avatar projects in the crypto space, and decided to do the same, starting with my skull and snake design. I’m a big fan of Wicked Craniums’ design, an ETH-based 3D skull avatar collection. Pixel Heroes inspired confidence in me that the pixel-style was viable and still really cool.  

What benefits do your NFT holders have? (Passive Income, DAO, Airdrops)

Proton Skull holders receive weekly Bone Pack Rewards, which are NFTs of a Skull’s individual bones that can be combined to “create” a Skull. Holders redeem all 32 bones for a free custom Skull. We’ve been doing the program for 19 weeks and have a couple of holders with enough to cash in, and one redemption so far. it’s been a successful and sustainable holder’s reward in my opinion. 

Proton Skulls wants to keep it simple for holders. We recognize that a growing project can demand growing complexity for the project including project-specific currencies, NFT drops, NFT redemptions, or whatever else sounds fun. Proton Skulls wants to keep it simple and fun, so any additional rewards will remain easy or passive for all holders. We are always looking for feedback or ideas that you want implemented, so feel free to find us on Telegram. https://t.me/ProtonSkulls

What’s next for your project?

Create more Skulls, build out the Proton Skulls storyline, create a Bone Pack redemption landing page with visual graph and bot to help holders check what Bones they need. I’d also like to explore new techniques in pixel art and potentially a special edition 3D rendering of Skulls.

If you want to give a shoutout, now is your chance!

Shoutout to Kerkus for coding the Bertrand Bones bot which will help holders instantly verify what Bones they own and what Bones are required for Bone Pack redemption. It’s such a great relief to have skilled community members around that help us grow. 

Shoutout to Thomas and Roxial from Pixel Heroes. You’ve been a great example for this community as professionals and creators. Everything you release is of great quality, and Pixel Heroes is continually an inspiration to me.

Shoutout to 0x from CypherGang and Hunterx from Crypfennecs, you both have done such a great job in building successful, sustaining projects, as well as promoting and supporting the Proton ecosystem.

And finally, a thank you to all my buyers, flippers, holders, and people in the Telegram chat. You are all greatly appreciated, and it’s humbling to have so many folks caring about something I’m doing. Thank you so much! 

Project Details

Main Website | https://www.protonskulls.com/
Twitter | https://twitter.com/ProtonSkulls
Collection | https://protonmint.com/322444512232

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