Written by Logan Smith

On May 11, 2022

Day 11 – Poe and Clones | Proton May #BetterNFTs

We’re back with another project in this month’s Proton May #BetterNFTs campaign. As a reminder, our goal is to introduce the incredibly talented creators behind the projects you know and love to help you learn more about the Proton ecosystem.

As part of the campaign, we publish a ‘Meet The Creators’ interview everyday, alongside an NFT giveaway from that creator, so you can learn more about their project, the inspiration behind each series, what’s next for them, and why they chose Proton.

Don’t forget: Proton allows users to mint NFTs instantly and without paying gas fees. Intelligent smart contracts ensure that creators earn royalties on future sales of their NFTs, allowing a pathway for artists to continue to earn income from their creations. And because Proton Market has an open-source template, talented creators can customize their own storefront to create a truly unique experience for their communities.

Please meet the team from another community favorite project, Poe and Clones!


Meet The Creators – Poe and Clones

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background before getting into NFTs.

I’m originally from Spain but have lived in the US for many years now. I left my hometown as soon as I finished college and moved to the UK to complete a masters degree and find some work. I’ve always loved learning languages (I hold an MA in translation studies) and being exposed to other cultures, so it was the right move for me. I lived there for three years, and, although I have incredible memories of that time, my now wife and I, also from Spain, couldn’t deal with the weather. See, I come from a place where, believe it or not, it’s always raining too, kind of like Seattle in the US, and I had always dreamed of moving to a place with lots of sunshine all year round. When we started joking about the dangers of growing mold on ourselves from too much rain exposure, we knew if was time to leave. We found this job opportunity in a little town in California’s Central Coast and soon fell in love with the community which, kind of like Proton’s but irl, was really welcoming. We’ve been here ever since and plan to remain until we retire and go back home. We are lucky enough to be able to spend our summers back at home, so we are never too far too long from the family.


How were you introduced to NFTs?

I was having a beer with a friend one afternoon, and he was telling me about some NFTs he had been creating. I was familiar with NFTs, but I had never tried to make one as I assumed there would be high gas fees involved, or so I had read. He talked to me about Protonmint, showed me how to make a wallet and, a few days after that, my first collection was up. I couldn’t believe the first 10 NFTs were free to mint and the next ones just pennies each. So frictionless. So easy. A couple of weeks later I created a TG group and started getting to know the wonderful Proton community. I’m so glad I had that beer that afternoon.


Why did you choose the Proton blockchain to host your collection?

As I mentioned, my friend told me about it. I liked it so much I didn’t even think to try any other blockchains. So easy and, even more important, such a welcoming community. I can’t imagine another one like this existing anywhere else.


Tell us about your collection and the inspiration.

My collection is called Poe and Clones. The story goes like this: Poe #001 is the original bear. All other Poes are clones of him. This is possible thanks to an ultramodern technology we haven’t seen on planet earth yet. And, of course, a cloning machine, or one of a few. There are many Poe clones, close to 100 by now, and they are each handmade and look totally different. Some are animated and some still. Poe clones have different rarity levels that give the owner points towards earning passive income.

There is also Poe’s Bazaar. Here you can find clothing items and accessories to customize your Poe, cloning machines, and a Poe snapshot series comprised of more elaborate pieces than the ones in the Poe collection.


What benefits do your NFT holders have?

There are various benefits to joining this project.
There are 9 special Poe clones that grant each owner 1% of the collection’s profit just by holding it. These were gifted to the top supporters of a previous collection I had. I am one of those who believe it’s really important to take care of your supporters and always try to do that.
As I mentioned, each Poe clone comes with points that vary depending on the bear’s rarity level. At the end of the month, I take another 5% of the collection’s profits and divide it amongst anyone who holds 5 or more Poe clones.
You can also get free Poe clones by holding rare or epic bears and using a cloning machine from the bazaar.
Finally, you can customize and upgrade your clone by purchasing various items and accessories from the bazaar. A minimum of 3 items is needed, but they are very affordable.
As you can see, there are many ways to benefit, and this is just the beginning.


What’s next for your project?

As far as art, the plan is to continue with the collection as it is. I’m always looking into adding more value to the pieces so there will be even better benefits coming really soon that I can’t reveal yet.
I try to make the Telegram group fun too with little contests and raffles to win XPR and clones. Feel free to join it here https://t.me/poeandclones


If you want to give a shout-out, now is your chance!

To be honest, I’d like to give a shout-out to the whole Protonmint community. There are so many to thank I don’t know where to begin. One of my favorite things here is when I get to collaborate with artists from all over the world. I’ve worked with creators from Colombia, Malaysia, US, Canada, the Netherlands, UK, Australia… and it has been an incredible experience each and every time. They were all extremely professional and very generous.
As for collections, I love so many, from Papi’s Firefoxes to Lina’s Dragonflies, Dragon’s Mythical Creatures, the incredible Metatrons, Dawid’s Drowsy Walruses, Blake and Wes’s Proton Skulls, Scott’s Bats, Ares’s Pyrashelter, Paulo’s Cryptopigs, Sven’s Hippos, and so many more. Lots of talent in this community, I tell you.
Finally, I’d like to thank the supporters, not just the Poe ones, but every single one of them. Thanks Dub, Eddie, Randy, Jam, Gyasi, Ffire, SpaceyPro, Kelley, NotBob, and so many more. I know it sounds corny, but none of this would be possible without all of you.


Project Details

Twitter | https://mobile.twitter.com/xtrap99
Collection | https://protonmint.com/421144444124

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