Written by Logan Smith

On May 17, 2022

Day 17 – Crystal Frogs | Proton May #BetterNFTs

We’re back with another project in this month’s Proton May #BetterNFTs campaign. As a reminder, our goal is to introduce the incredibly talented creators behind the projects you know and love to help you learn more about the Proton ecosystem.

As part of the campaign, we publish a ‘Meet The Creators’ interview everyday, alongside an NFT giveaway from that creator, so you can learn more about their project, the inspiration behind each series, what’s next for them, and why they chose Proton.

Don’t forget: Proton allows users to mint NFTs instantly and without paying gas fees. Intelligent smart contracts ensure that creators earn royalties on future sales of their NFTs, allowing a pathway for artists to continue to earn income from their creations. And because Proton Market has an open-source template, talented creators can customize their own storefront to create a truly unique experience for their communities.

Please meet the team from another community favorite project, Crystal Frogs!

Meet The Creators – Crystal Frogs

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and your background before getting into NFTs?

Crystal Frogs is ran by Mr Roboto (me) and my partner Dave. I run the Crystal Frogs community and do all the boring admin things (I secretly love administrative things, but don’t tell Dave or I won’t be able to complain about them in more!). I’m 26 and in school for Creative Writing, which is another way of saying I like student loans and hate money! In all seriousness, I’m passionate about storytelling and love the way NFTs allow me to share a story in this strange and collaborative way. When I’m not working, I like to hang out with my two dogs and my wife. Dave does all the art things for us. When he’s not working on NFTs he’s probably doing animation work for a cartoon, swimming with wild beach dogs, or finishing a new draft for his fan made film, The Iron Giant 2 (kidding).


How were you introduced to NFT’s?

I sort of stumbled into NFTs. Dave has his own similar story. I knew a friend on Proton and saw an opportunity to make art in this space and went after it!


Why did you choose Proton Blockchain to host your collection?

For artists, Proton offers the least friction out of any blockchain I’ve experienced. Zero gas fees, simple @ usernames, their smooth and well designed wallet, etc. So, that’s the technical reason. But, the true answer is I stumbled into it (a testament to that lack of friction) and encountered a really genuine and kind community that made me want to stick around.


Tell us about your collection and the inspiration?

Crystal Frogs is a project based around these whimsical frogs in the Crystal Kingdom. It mirrors the ethos of the community we want to build—playful, fun, and kind. Each frog is narratively grounded in the project. You get to choose if your frog becomes a Crystal Miner, Crystal Wizard, or Frog Lord, each with their own utility. The miners work the crystal mines—dark, sprawling caverns illuminated only by the glow of mysterious magic crystals. Crystal Wizards work under the archmage, exploring the land beyond the Crystal Kingdom. Frog Lords rule the Crystal Kingdom, collecting crystal taxes from the citizens under their rule.


What benefits do your NFT holders have? (Passive Income, DAO, Airdrops)

Each frog is able to produce Crystal NFTs once they have been transformed into a Miner, Wizard, or Lord. These Crystals allow you to shop from our NPC Shopkeep, Sloppy who sells equipable assets as well as key items for events. Crystals also allowed holders to transform their frogs into Wizards (now all wizard spots have been claimed). Crystals have much more utility in the works. We want to make the Crystals that your frogs produce valuable so that you can either spend them to enjoy the project more or sell them for passive income. In addition to these on chain benefits, our holders join our Crystal Frogs Club community. We want our community to be the most fun and kind community out there. Our holders get access to small things like a private chat or custom phone background with their frogs to bigger things like monthly discord game nights where we all hop in a server and play Jackbox and compete for prizes.


What’s next for your project?

We’re finalizing our whitepaper and public roadmap currently. But, right now we have Froglympics happening (an interactive event where holders’ frogs compete in 1v1 contests of brawn, beauty, and brains for prizes) and we have our Crystal Portal Event following this. The whitepaper will go into much more detail, but generally speaking our next big steps this year are securing funding to hire a developer for something we can’t share just yet, Multiverse Portals, establishing $Crystal, and the Crystal Kingdom DAO.


Project Details

Main Website | crystalfrogs.com
Twitter | https://twitter.com/crystalfrogsnft
Collection | https://protonmint.com/542514111454

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