Written by Logan Smith

On May 18, 2022

Day 18 – Otter Mayhem | Proton May #BetterNFTs

We’re back with another project in this month’s Proton May #BetterNFTs campaign. As a reminder, our goal is to introduce the incredibly talented creators behind the projects you know and love to help you learn more about the Proton ecosystem.

As part of the campaign, we publish a ‘Meet The Creators’ interview everyday, alongside an NFT giveaway from that creator, so you can learn more about their project, the inspiration behind each series, what’s next for them, and why they chose Proton.

Don’t forget: Proton allows users to mint NFTs instantly and without paying gas fees. Intelligent smart contracts ensure that creators earn royalties on future sales of their NFTs, allowing a pathway for artists to continue to earn income from their creations. And because Proton Market has an open-source template, talented creators can customize their own storefront to create a truly unique experience for their communities.

Please meet the team from another community favorite project, Otter Mayhem!

Meet The Creators – Otter Mayhem

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and your background before getting into NFTs?

Hello! My name is Debs, I’m a 22-year-old Mexican girl navigating into the crypto space. I’m on my last year of college, majoring in psychology, and I also hold a technical degree in IT. I’m part of a research group in neuroscience focused on neuropharmacology, and just last year finished a certification on neuroanatomy.

I’m interested in technology, crypto, art, traveling and dogs! I have 2 Belgian shepherds I love dearly. Regarding my art path, I’ve been doing digital art for a few years now as a hobby, mostly portraits of people. NFTs came to change my life and my creative process as well. I can’t wait to see what’s next!


How were you introduced to NFT’s?

My friends have been investing into crypto for a few years now and saw an opportunity within the proton community. They invited me to get involved and start creating… And the rest is history!


Why did you choose Proton Blockchain to host your collection?

The fist thing that caught my attention was the community. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, ready to support you and your project. Then I really liked the proton team and the ecosystem itself. Being in proton has so many advantages: 0 gas fees in transactions, L1 Blockchain, etc.


Tell us about your collection and the inspiration.

Otter Mayhem was born from my love for animals and my passion for drawing cartoon characters. Otters have always been one of my favorite creatures, and they’re also very cute. And I’m not alone in this, the proton community loves otters too! Otter Mayhem consists of 300 unique hand-crafted otters living only in the Proton universe. 150 otters will be 2D with the current style, and the rest will be 3D.


What benefits do your NFT holders have? (Passive Income, DAO, Airdrops)

Otter Mayhem has passive and active income
Passive income:
15% of sales and 20% of royalties from resales are distributed among holders monthly. Last month we distributed over $500, averaging 1k XPR per otter held.
Active income:
Custom NFTs! Every purchase on drop gives you exchange tokens that can be redeemed for a free customized Otter Mayhem.
Receive monthly exchangeable tokens just by holding otters.
XPR raffles, NFT giveaways, games and more!


What’s next for your project?

Currently we’re still on phase one creating 2D Otters. Otter Mayhem Website is being created too. A community event “River Race” is on development, it’ll be a fun event for current holders. Eventually we’d like to release merch too!


If you want to give a shoutout, now is your chance!

Special thanks to Otter Mayhem top holders: Ricci, Rasto, Deez and Jason. Your support is invaluable!
And to my friends within the proton community for always motivating me to keep creating and for inspiring me to be a better artist. You guys rock!


Project Details

Twitter | https://twitter.com/OtterMayhemm
Collection | https://protonmint.com/212444213334

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