Written by Logan Smith

On May 3, 2022

Day 3 – Crazy Bat Club | Proton May #BetterNFTs

Hello again, Proton family!

We’re delighted once again to introduce the third project in this month’s campaign, Proton May #BetterNFTs. Our goal is to introduce the incredibly talented creators behind the projects you know and love to help you learn more about the Proton ecosystem.

As part of the campaign, we will publish a ‘Meet The Creators’ interview everyday, alongside an NFT giveaway from the creator, so you can find out more about their project, the inspiration behind each series, what’s next for them, and why they chose Proton.

As a reminder: Proton allows users to mint NFTs instantly and without paying gas fees. Intelligent smart contracts ensure that creators earn royalties on future sales of their NFTs, allowing a pathway for artists to continue to earn income from their creations. And because Proton Market has an open-source template, talented creators can customize their own storefront to create a truly unique experience for their communities.

Please meet the team from another community favorite project, Crazy Bat Club!


Meet The Creators – Crazy Bat Club

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background before getting into NFTs.

We are a hardworking team split across the Atlantic, Scott is from Newcastle, UK and Forest is from Chicago, US.
Forest: Prior to entering the NFT space, I had over 12 years of experience working in the restaurant and bar industry, and I also produce music/beats as a hobby.
Scott: Before the NFT world consumed me, I had over 17 years of experience working in the manufacturing industry with my main hobbies centering around sports. 


How were you introduced to NFTs?

Scott: I had started learning more about the world of cryptocurrency and researching different projects and blockchains online. I became aware of the large NFT community on twitter and wanted to learn more.
Forest: I was introduced to NFTs from a long-time work friend and music/proton artist (Midnight Zombiez) Louie Mendez. He talked to me a little bit about Proton and after doing some research and meeting community members, I was hooked.


Why did you choose the Proton blockchain to host your collection?

We both chose Proton because we both believed in the project and the blockchain overall. Then once we became involved in the community, meeting lots of amazing people, including meeting each other, it reinforced our decision. We became really good friends because of our shared belief in Proton and the community!


Tell us about your collection and the inspiration.

Our collection is about 1,111 crazy bats. The lower tier bats were created by using a generator to combine our hand drawn layers and applying out predetermined rarity percentages. Our higher tier bats include customs and collaborations and are all drawn individually.
The inspiration for the collection came from a few places, one of which being our love of bats as a species, and we did not know of or were not aware of another collection featuring them! The crazy element, believe it or not, came from the proton community. Those involved in our telegram channels know just how crazy we all can be!!


What benefits do your NFT holders have?

Holders of crazy bats have tons of benefits. These include passive income, seasonal upgrade systems, other holder perks and rewards based on which tier they fall into (holder raffles, merch discounts etc). Our crazy bats even have different tier-based abilities for activities and events (which we call BATivities). We have a wall of fame for certain holders too – there is quite a lot to be excited about when you join the Crazy Bat Club. More detailed information on all of this can be found on our website: www.crazybatclub.com


What’s next for your project?

We have a lot of plans for this project. We are currently in BATivities season 1 which includes weekly race nights as well as the 1st hunting season. The rewards the bats hope to find hunting will play a big part in the project going forward (Phase 2 in particular). We will introduce more utility, customisation and more fun! These bats will also become more difficult to obtain. We have plans for 3D incorporation of our bats into the metaverse!


If you want to give a shout-out, now is your chance!

I mean where do we start. Anyone that knows us from our other project The Dragons Lair, know how community focused we are. To get to where we are currently we have had a lot of support from almost everyone within the community. Some notable mentions however need to go out in particularly to Jay, Gyasi, Goaty, Aaron and Ryan who have been involved with our projects since day 1 and more recent community members Peppers and Savage. Anyone who has been prominent in telegram will know these guys!!
Scott: A special mention has got to go to Jen. Many of you will have seen her social media activity promoting Proton and the NFT space and those who know her on a more personal level will tell you just how important and highly regarded she is by everyone.


Project Details

Main Website | www.crazybatclub.com
Twitter | https://twitter.com/thecrazybatclub
Collection | www.protonmint.com/443114143443

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