Written by Marlon

On October 2, 2020

Demonstrating Proton’s real-world functionality for push transactions

Previously, we showed you a testnet version of authorizing push transactions via Proton to pay for goods or services, with the example of purchasing a plan through Taskly. We used that first video to highlight not only what Proton could do, but the speed and ease of using Proton to pay for something. No waiting times, no processing delays, and no gas fees.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Proton is now ready to be used to build real-world use cases for its push transaction functionality. Developers will soon have access to open source code and documents that will allow them to integrate this directly into their projects.

As a demonstration of this ability, our demonstration site Taskly has now integrated the mainnet version of Proton, allowing users to pay for real-world services with real-world funds.

Proton’s blockchain is geared for payments in stablecoins, unlocking the door to institutional use-cases, and other instances where stablecoins are the norm.

Proton currently supports XUSDT, XUSDC, XTUSD, and XDAI, four Proton-wrapped versions of the top 4 Ethereum stablecoins. All these coins can be transmitted in seconds at zero fees and unwrapped in bulk to save on gas fees.

Next, as long as you have the most recent version of our IOS beta release (0.1.3), you check it out for yourself and test what it can do – we think you’ll love it. Android support and general app store availability is expected shortly.

Watch the video demonstration below of how easy it is to use what we have created:

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