Written by Logan Smith

On March 28, 2022

Deposit your cryptocurrency into the WebAuth Wallet

The WebAuth Wallet is one of the smoothest, easiest to use cryptocurrency wallets – with no gas fees! By depositing your cryptocurrency into the WebAuth Wallet, you gain access to the entire Proton ecosystem, including: 

  • Proton Loan. Earn variable interest when you lend or borrow cryptocurrency, stake your LOAN to earn rewards, and experience what DeFi crypto lending feels like.
  • Proton Market. Mint NFTs, buy and sell your creations, and earn royalties on future sales of your digital art.
  • Proton Swap. Swap one cryptocurrency for another without gas fees, earn interest by yield farming, and bridge the Proton blockchain to another.
  • Human-readable @names. No more complicated wallet addresses that are impossible to memorize – Proton accounts are meant to be used in everyday life.

When you bring cryptocurrency into the Proton ecosystem through WebAuth, you unlock different ways to earn passive income by putting your cryptocurrency to work for you.

How do I deposit cryptocurrency into my WebAuth Wallet?

Depositing your cryptocurrency into your WebAuth Wallet takes just a few steps. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Click ‘Receive’ on the WebAuth app’s home page.
Step 2: Select the asset you want to deposit.
Step 3: Choose the blockchain network you’re transferring from.
Step 4: Copy the generated address using the ‘Copy’ function.
Step 5: Paste the deposit address into your sending wallet.
Step 6: Wait for your deposit, and get ready for instant transactions!

What is WebAuth?

WebAuth is the new industry standard for device authentication, identity management, payment processing, and cryptocurrency transactions for Web 3.0, built on the Proton blockchain. With WebAuth.com, you can approve transactions, make crypto payments, link your decentralized identity, verify/add/remove access for all logins, and reject impersonation attempts through the use of your smartphone – similar to how Google Authenticator and other popular 2FA platforms work, except with a higher bar for security utilizing PSR (Proton Signing Request) over OTP (one time passwords) that can easily be phished.

Here’s the big difference: because WebAuth.com is built on the Proton blockchain, it uses our powerful decentralized identity (DeID) framework to verify and attest to identities. This means that not only is your identity biometrically verified, but your identity can be backed up to a new device seamlessly if you lose access to the primary device.


Ready to get started? Get WebAuth on Web, Android, and iOS for free with just a few clicks.

WebAuth is the way that identities were meant to be verified. In a world where passwords can be stolen, and devices can be lost, your accounts should be secured with no less than your own biometric information – something that can never be lost or stolen.

Welcome to Web 3.0 – WebAuth is making it possible.

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