Written by Logan Smith

On June 20, 2022

GLBDEX | Proton June #BetterBlockchain

Hello again, Proton family!

We’re delighted to introduce the second project for this month’s campaign, Proton June #BetterBlockchain. Our goal is to introduce the incredibly talented developers behind the projects you know and love.

As part of the campaign, we will publish a ‘Meet The Builders’ interview, alongside their giveaway, so you can find out more about their project, the inspiration behind their vision, what’s next for them, and why they chose Proton.

Please meet the team from this innovative project, GLBDEX!

Meet The Builders – GLBDEX


To start, can you briefly introduce GLBDEX?

GLBDEX is an NFT Marketplace on Proton designed for 3D models in the Metaverse.


What problem is GLBDEX trying to solve? 

GLB is the JPEG of 3D, it’s the most common file format for three dimensional scenes and models in Web3. We want to bring the latest in Metaverse technology and trends to the Proton ecosystem.


How does GLBDEX make the blockchain experience more user friendly?

GLBDEX was the first NFT marketplace on Proton to make it easy to mint 3D models to Proton using Atomic Assets. We also created a custom schema editor so that you can prepare your NFT’s for P2E games by adding custom attributes that can be modified later!


Can you tell us a bit more about the GLBDEX management team and their background? 

Hi I’m Paul from Proton NZ! GLBDEX is very much a passion project of mine and I’m grateful to be in a position to pursue this passion. I’m based in New Zealand but through sheer luck I met Marshall Hayner on Richard Branson’s Island back in early 2017 and have been a supporter of Metallicus ever since! I think most people may know me from my memes and GIFs but behind the scenes I also do product design & work closely with Will from marketing!


Can you tell us more about GLBDEX’s vision? 

I want to make it easy for Proton users to customize their own spaces in the metaverse, show off their NFT’s and create shared experiences all using the power of Web3 and Proton for identity and transactions.


Tell us about what lead up to building GLBDEX. Why did you start this?

I started Proton NZ almost 18 months ago and have received incredible support from the community. I wanted to make something that the Proton NZ voters can be proud of so I started with what I know best, 3D & virtual worlds.


Why did you choose the Proton Blockchain to build GLBDEX?

Proton is very unique as it’s both user friendly and extremely powerful. The WebAuth.com onboarding experience is super smooth and easy, plus there are no gas fees and your wallet address is your Proton name!


Can you tell us a bit more about what’s coming next for GLBDEX?

You can already check out the brand new Orbital Platform on Desktop or in your VR headset by visiting demo.glbdex.com It’s a sneak peak at what we’re working on!

Next up we are working on adding multiplayer, custom spaces, new shaders, avatars and even flyable spaceships!


How do you pronounce GLBDEX?

G-L-B DEX, Gee el bee Dex


Project Details

Main Website | https://GLBDEX.com

Twitter | https://twitter.com/glbdex

Telegram | https://t.me/glbdex

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