Written by Proton Chain News Staff

On March 30, 2020

How to claim the XPR airdrop as an LNX holder

About the Proton (XPR) airdrop:

The Proton (XPR) snapshot has been successfully completed! Every account with a LNX balance has been credited Proton tokens at a 1:1 ratio. So, if you had 1 LNX token on the snapshot date, you will receive 1 Proton token.

Every 2 months, LNX holders will receive another airdrop of 1 XPR for every 1 LNX. This will occur 5 times. 

Starting today, Monday, March 30th,  you can claim your first installment of XPR as Ethereum wrapped coins instead of Proton mainnet tokens. 

This option will exist up until a few days before Proton mainnet becomes widely accessible. If you choose to use the airdrop app you will then receive your last 4 installments after Proton mainnet launches.

To claim your first installment of XPR, open the Lynx wallet and follow the quick and easy steps below.

In this example, we’ll use the desktop version of Lynx Wallet, but the process will be similar on mobile devices. Click on ‘Apps’ on the desktop wallet or tap on ‘Explore’ on an Android device. On IOS, click this link to access the airdrop app.

Enter your Ethereum wallet address in the ‘ETH address’ field and click on the ‘Claim’ button to initiate the first of 5 XPR airdrops. If you don’t have an Ethereum wallet yet, we recommend to use Metal Vault, as Proton (XPR) is listed as an ERC-20 token by default for your convenience.

Congratulations, you claimed your first airdrop! You will receive XPR shortly in your wallet.

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