Written by Logan Smith

On October 21, 2021

Introducing Proton Naming Service (PNS) – decentralized domain resolution


You may have recently noticed members of the Proton community proudly displaying their Proton @names with a “.xpr” domain in the address. Proton naming service was inspired by the work of Ethereum in creating a decentralized naming service (ENS) that can serve as a foundational layer for web3. As Proton account names are already human readable by default, Proton domains provide a structure for payment and data routing that can serve not only one blockchain (in the case of Ethereum), but every blockchain and token, including NFTs. Additionally, Proton domains extend beyond payment routing translation, allowing transfer of fiat and digital assets between banks and financial institutions.

Decentralized Identity and Decentralized Verification (DID/DV)

Proton takes the concept of decentralized domains further with the concept of decentralized identity and decentralized verification. One element that is very important to remember is the cost of scaling for larger networks like Facebook and Paypal. Account creation costs, and verification, must be efficient and cost-effective when you are talking about hundreds of millions or billions of users. Proton enables this scaling cost through its unique resource and governance model.

Decentralized problems need decentralized solutions, and when it comes to decentralized identity, we need decentralized verifier domains. We begin with the .KYC and .KYB standard, which is managed by the Proton Consortium – similar to ICANN, but for Proton. These domains will be granted out by Consortium gradually over time to Money Service Businesses (MSB), banks, payment processors, and identity providers. The first verifier on the network, @metal.kyc, is currently run by Metallicus Inc. Metallicus is a founding consortium member and creator of the Metal Pay application, a Venmo-like app for cryptocurrency with banking capabilities.

In the future, Proton seeks to create an identity marketplace on-chain, utilizing the DV domain standard as a methodology for marking an account as verified for consumers or businesses.

Top Level Crypto Domains for Every Blockchain

Proton works with most major blockchains through a model of custodial wrapping known as xTokens. Metallicus Inc. has custodied the first batch of xTokens, and as time goes on we expect other banks, custody services, and financial institutions to launch their own various forms of xTokens. To this end, we have launched the following domains to be used by the public:

  • .XPR
  • .BTC
  • .ETH
  • .BNB

Over time we will release more crypto domains, including fiat domains for routing fiat currencies:

  • .USD
  • .EUR
  • .CAD
  • .JPY

As well as standard top-level domains when it comes to establishing trust with deposit addresses that are KYB’ed on-chain, these domains are granted upon proof of ownership of existing domain registration:

  • .COM
  • .ORG
  • .EDU
  • .GOV

Proton Naming Service not only helps route preferred currency, but serves as a foundation for connecting financial institutions through the blockchain in a way that allows for communication trustlessly. Never deposit to the wrong address again, always look for the blue checkmark and know you are interacting with the right individual or business, and the currency is pre-selected to minimize errors.
We recommend registering all your domains at once whether across Proton, Ethereum, Blockstack, or other top-level domains with a registrar.

How to Register your Crypto Domain

  1. Back up your private keys! This should always be your first step.
  2. Navigate to Protonscan.io and log in (Using Proton wallet, WebAuth.com, Anchor)
  3. Tap the “Keys” tab
  4. Copy the active key from your current account (recommended); it will start with “PUB_K1”
  5. Navigate to ProtonResources.com/create-account and login with PSR (Using Proton wallet, WebAuth.com, Anchor)
  6. Paste the public key you copied from Protonscan.io into the “Account Public Key” field
  7. Choose the desired name you want and add the crypto domain you want behind it (i.e. “Marshall.XPR”) into the “Account Name” field
  8. Tap create account
  9. Sign in your wallet, and voila!

We recommend you proudly display your .XPR domain on social media and inside the metaverse to let people know you accept Proton cryptocurrency!

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