Written by Logan Smith

On February 18, 2022

Introducing the Proton Worker Proposal System

The Proton Worker Proposal System (PWPS) is a new opportunity for developers to receive the funding that they need – up to 2,000,000 XPR – to build something great that runs on Proton. We know that Proton is the people’s blockchain – with zero gas fees, easy-to-scale components, and a compliance-friendly backend. With the PWPS, our Proton Governance Committee can help you get the word out about Proton.

Why this matters

The PWPS allows any Proton account to propose a budget for a specific project that they are ready to build. While applications to receive funding are evaluated according to their merit, feasibility, and whether the team behind the proposal is up to the challenge, the PWPS offers a way for anyone, no matter their background, to receive funds to build on Proton. This means that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or if you’re a newcomer to crypto – if you have the skills, the ideas, and the time, we want you building on Proton.

Distributing funds through the PWPS will allow the Proton ecosystem to grow much more rapidly than before. From dApps and websites that use Proton Market, to specific marketing ventures, to improvements to the Proton blockchain and so much more, there’s no limit to the type of ideas that can win a PWPS grant. Bring your best ideas and put them to the test – you just might receive the funds you need to make your vision a reality.

How it works

Any account on the Proton mainnet can submit a proposal using this online form.

In order to have your proposal considered for funding, you must meet the following proposal threshold at the close of the voting period:

  1. A majority of the committee members must vote in favor of funding the proposal.
  2. The cumulative budget of all passing proposals cannot exceed the allocated period budget of 2,000,000 XPR.
    1. a) If the cumulative budget of proposals that meet the voting threshold exceeds the allocated period budget, proposals will be awarded their requested budgets in order of voting rank only until the maximum budget is met.

You can learn more about the PWPS process by visiting its landing page here.

Examples of projects we’d like to see:

  • Building apps / wallets that grow the Proton ecosystem
  • Marketing efforts that significantly expand the Proton userbase
  • Improvements to the Proton blockchain
  • Apps that leverage or empower ProtonLoan.com and ProtonSwap.com to serve more users and meet more needs


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Welcome to Proton, come build here.

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