Written by Marlon

On August 26, 2022

LunarCrush x Proton

We are excited to announce Lunr is coming to the Proton Blockchain! LunarCrush utilizes Lunr Token to offer a variety of services including access to higher leveling and payments for API access.

$Lunr is now live and available on Proton Swap to trade and also available to farm as XPR/LUNR

What is LunarCrush?

LunarCrush is a social intelligence platform that collects social and market activity for thousands of cryptocurrencies and distills it into actionable intelligence. It’s hard to know what’s real on social media, where information and predictions come at you thick and fast. LunarCrush gets to the truth by zooming out to see and hear everything said. They interpret patterns and show community members objectively what projects have a growing or waning community.

The more you use LunarCrush, the smarter it gets through sentiment analysis designed for cryptocurrencies and NFTs versus a simple machine learning library. LunarCrush offers Levels that give you access to more insights, but they have a robust free offering as well. It’s simple to sign up, start adding favorites, holdings, and alerts to your account and start getting the social data and insights that matter most to you.

What is Lunr?

Lunr is the utility token powering LunarCrush.

With mainnet on Zilliqa and interoperable with Ethereum, BNB Chain, and now…Proton Blockchain is the newest blockchain to support the intelligence company utility token.

LunarCrush believes in democratizing intelligence and that means democratizing opportunity.. By creating proof of community on LunarCrush through engagement, sharing, and contribution towards content, you earn points! The more you engage, the more points you accumulate, and at the end of everyday a pool of Lunr is split based on the amount of work/effort you put in.  Your engagement fuels the LunarCrush platform! Users are rewarded for their participation on LunarCrush through rewards and by staking with LunrFi.

Now Proton Blockchain users can dive even deeper into the world of LunarCrush, through the addition of $LUNR to Proton Swap.

$Lunr & ProtonSwap

Now that $LUNR is available on Proton Swap, users can swap any of the Proton-wrapped cryptocurrencies available on Proton Swap for $LUNR. That means XPR, XUSDC, XBTC, and many other coins can be swapped back and forth for $LUNR without paying a gas fee.


Want to dive into the Proton Ecosystem and start trading $LUNR? Get WebAuth on Web, Android, and iOS for free with just a few clicks. Setting up your WebAuth Wallet gives you access to NFT marketplaces, cryptocurrency swapping, staking, yield farming, decentralized lending, borrowing, and so much more — always without gas fees.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter as well as LunarCrush, to let us know how you’re doing, keep up to date on the latest announcements, and meet more people from the Proton Blockchain & LunarCrush community.

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