Written by Marlon

On July 21, 2022

Meet the Block Producers | BROTON BP

It’s time to kick off our Meet The Block Producers series! Over the course of the next few months, we will be introducing you to the incredible Block Producers that power the Proton Blockchain. Discover their reasons for becoming Block Producers, how they discovered the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, and the reasons that you should vote for them when making your staking decisions. 

Introducing our first BP in the series, Broton BP!

Give us a quick introduction to who you are and where you’re based?

Hey, Proton fam! 🤙 BROTON BP is in the house! My name is Roman, and I’m the founder of BROTON BP, a community-driven block producer on Proton based in Russia, and we are here to support the Proton community and provide it with helpful content and services.

We are a small team of professionals with expertise in fintech and 15+ years of experience in web and mobile development, server administration, product management, and marketing. We worked in large companies and participated in startups as well.

How did you get into Blockchain & Cryptocurrency?

We have been actively involved in crypto as investors since 2017. Many people discovered what Bitcoin is that year and started to take it seriously… 😁 We believe that blockchain is the main thing that has happened with humanity for the last decade. Cryptocurrency is still so early that most people don’t really get what it is.

What interested you in becoming a Block Producer, and why did you choose Proton Blockchain?

We know that many OG BPs are running nodes on many blockchains at once, and they, must be taking a much more responsible approach to the choice. In our case, we found Proton first and then chose to become a Block Producer. 😂 Proton one love! ⚛️

I’ve been hanging around Proton since the beginning of the last year, and to be honest, it is the first crypto project and community I’ve dived into so profoundly. Unlike many other crypto projects making too much noise around but having no working product, Proton is the opposite — you guys make cool stuff and are not trying to hype it artificially. That’s why I like Proton. 💜

By the end of last year, I realized I didn’t want to be just a passive viewer as I felt I could do more for the Proton community. That’s how I decided to become a Block Producer.

Aside from being a Block Producer, do you have any other Blockchain based projects?

Nope. As I said before, BROTON BP is our first blockchain child. 👶😁

Why should Proton Blockchain users vote for you as a block producer?

As a block producer, we run blockchain nodes powered by sophisticated equipment ready for blockchain growth. Our competencies enable us to ensure the uninterrupted and reliable operation of nodes. We will extend our nodes’ functionality by setting up Hyperion API and AtomicAssets API nodes to provide dApps developers with better infrastructure in the future.

Besides great products, the Proton team has built one of the most beautiful communities in the crypto space, which is constantly growing! We provide helpful content and services to support the Proton community.

We strive to educate people about Proton, and we produce a lot of author content for these purposes:

  • Blog
    For the most part, in our blog, you will find manuals on various Proton features and services with detailed how-tos.
  • Infographics (Staking, Farming)
    TL;DR? OK, that’s why we created a series of infographics explaining Proton DeFi features.
  • Built on Proton
    We are collecting information about 3rd-party projects Built on Proton. We think it is helpful to see all projects in one place. We communicate with each team individually to get acquainted with their stories and visions. A lot of cool projects are already launched, and more are coming!
  • Broton Journal
    In addition, we keep a live journal on Medium, where we share our experiences and write about what we’ve done and what milestones on our BP path we achieved.

We also created a brief Proton guide on our website to help newcomers navigate the Proton ecosystem faster.

Blockchain was made for transparency, but it may not be easy to find valuable information from tons of data. We create services that provide you with insights and help you discover the Proton blockchain:

  • Proton Whales Alert channel
    Get notifications on all significant transfers on the Proton blockchain! Various tokens and transaction types are tracked, including Transfers, Staking, Proton Swap, and Proton Loan operations.
  • Protonstat.info
    Track Proton metrics in dynamics: accounts, token holders, votes of the block producers. Add the website to your bookmarks and watch how your favorite blockchain grows!
  • Broton Rookie Bot
Learn the basics of Proton and follow a few simple steps to promote it with our interactive BrotonRookieBot. Everyone who supports BROTON BP will receive a complimentary 3D Broton Emblem NFT.

And we have many ideas to be implemented in the future! We are learning and making the first steps in smart contract development. We wrote our very first experimental smart contract on Proton. Thanks to the brilliant documentation and the help of Syed Jafri and the developer community, the whole process went as smoothly as possible.

You can vote for BROTON BP if you like what we are doing. We appreciate every single vote! Thank you for supporting us! 💜

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

We are open to the community, so you can always get in touch with us: 

Project Details

Main Website | brotonbp.com

Twitter | brotonbp

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