Written by Marlon

On August 5, 2022

Meet the Block Producers | Proton Kiwi

Over the course of the next few months, we will be introducing you to the incredible Block Producers that power the Proton Blockchain. Discover their reasons for becoming Block Producers, how they discovered the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, and the reasons that you should vote for them when making your staking decisions.

Introducing our second BP in the series, Proton Kiwi!

Give us a quick introduction to who you are and where you’re based?

My name is Sarn, I’m 24 and based in Auckland, New Zealand. I’m a crypto enthusiast that is pro-freedom and human rights. Crypto embodies this stance and I am excited for the future where crypto plays a part in money globally. 

How did you get into Blockchain & Cryptocurrency?

I got involved in crypto in 2017 when Bitcoin was $1600. I learned many hard lessons in that year and continued to learn more about the technology between 2018-2021. 

What interested you in becoming a Block Producer, and why did you choose Proton Blockchain?

I was introduced to Proton by Paul (ProtonNZ) and was quite impressed from the get-go. I’ve been in crypto for 5 years now and there are not many coins/projects that impress me at first glance. For me, bringing crypto and the private ownership of money/value to people is a huge passion. Proton presents a great push for making crypto easy while giving the keys to the individual. The wallet, seamless integration, readable usernames, and fee-free transactions are all huge wins in my eyes. Proton is making crypto easy, and friendly, and giving the users ownership of their private keys at the same time.

After seeing this, I dived more into Proton, the community, and the BPs and saw an opportunity to fit in as a BP that represents the community. It’s early days for Proton Kiwi but the potential of being a BP and an integral part of the Proton eco-system is very exciting. 

Aside from being a Block Producer, do you have any other Blockchain based projects?

Apart from being an active crypto enthusiast, I do run Presearch nodes which are very basic. Presearch is like a decentralized search engine, with nodes routing searches.

I am currently working on a few DApp ideas. A play-to-earn game + an open source metaverse marketplace. I have a few close connections working on some great projects on Ethereum and have discussed launching the same projects on Proton. 

Do you use Proton Blockchain for this project, if so, why did you choose Proton Blockchain, and how does this project contribute to the ecosystem?

Currently building these projects with the aim of using Proton. The seamless connection and integration for wallets on Proton + ease of use app + fee-free transactions open the door for many DApp ideas I have had in my head. I personally think DApps will gain far more attraction and adoption if there is no cost to use them, which is a pain point with other chains like Ethereum. 

Any project I work on that involves XPR coin movements will also have burn mechanisms, to help lower the inflation of Proton.

I believe any DApp that isn’t harmful is a contribution to the ecosystem. One single DApp or project could introduce the ecosystem to a new person and open the door to them using more DApps in the Proton ecosystem 

Why should Proton Blockchain users vote for you as a block producer?

Proton Kiwi aims to be the most transparent BP. I put my face and name behind the brand, on YouTube, and across social media. Making crypto human is good.

Apart from the usual, securing the network and operating high-end equipment,

ProtonKiwi burns 5% and donates 10% of all producer rewards to a wallet that is solely used to grow the XPR ecosystem. Full transparency on this plus expenses can be found on our transparency explorer at www.proton.kiwi/transparency

The fund where 10% of all our rewards go will be made into a DAO in the future, giving the community the power to decide how the funds are utilized and what projects receive grants to be developed. An NFT sale will most likely take place to secure DAO voting power, with NFT sales topping up the fund immensely.

We’re also working on some projects at the moment and more information will come out when the time is right.

We’re also making high-quality YouTube content to educate and onboard people into the Proton ecosystem.

If these are things you like and want to support, voting for ProtonKiwi is the easiest way to do so.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

I love working with talented individuals to make cool shit happen, so feel free to contact me whenever about anything Proton. 

I’m open to discussions, ideas, and collaboration. If you want to reach out, please do so over Twitter or the Proton Kiwi website. Reach out with some information and we can schedule a call to talk further 🙂 

Project Details

Proton Kiwi Website

Proton Kiwi YouTube Channel
Community Fund Wallet
Proton Kiwi Transparency Explorer

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