Written by Marlon

On September 23, 2022

Meet the Block Producers | Saltant

Over the course of the next few months, we will be introducing you to the incredible Block Producers that power the Proton Blockchain. Discover their reasons for becoming Block Producers, how they discovered the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, and the reasons that you should vote for them when making your staking decisions.

Introducing our next BP in the series, Saltant!

Give us a quick introduction to who you are and where you’re based?

Hi all, my name is Vitaly, I am the owner of Saltant block producer. I live in the Russian Federation, as well as my node, we are physically located in Russia.

How did you get into Blockchain & Cryptocurrency?

Oh, this is a very old and interesting story. Some of you may remember a program like SETI@home, if memory serves me correctly it was 2000 and I was interested in distributed computing over the Internet, this program belonged to the University of California at Berkeley and it was designed to search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

The idea was that the computer would receive data that it would process using its resources and send the result. That is, it was a kind of “blockchain”, where there were SETI servers and a bunch of clients around the world. That was the beginning of my way, then there was the Ethereum network where I mined ETH (received data, processed it, and sent back the result, very similar to the SETI@home principle).

What interested you in becoming a Block Producer, and why did you choose Proton Blockchain?

I have always been interested in this topic, ever since SETI@home, – I wanted to be part of something bigger, grandiose, since I have my own servers and I love working with it, I decided to look where I can use them, for example in blockchains. Since I’m a programmer, and a game developer to be exact, I needed the right blockchain to develop and distribute crypto games.

Proton seemed the most suitable because I could easily deploy all the services as a blockchain producer, make a profit, and leave 75% of all the rewards received to develop my ideas (crypto games, etc.) on Proton blockchain. Also, the low load on the blockchain allows potential players to play without a large investment in network resources (for example in the WAX blockchain, to play crypto games, you need to contribute hundreds or even thousands of WAX tokens to CPU stacking).

Aside from being a Block Producer, do you have any other Blockchain-based projects?

I have several crypto games, but I can’t tell you about the ones I developed on Proton because of the NDA, because I developed them to order with full transfer of ownership. The only one I can name is CandyStore on the WAX blockchain – but the project is currently waiting to be restarted with new ideas.

I am also involved in the Alien Worlds project (on WAX) as an employee and am developing another cryptogame in this Metaverse that may become a WAX<=>Proton cross-chain in the future.

Do you use Proton Blockchain for this project, if so, why did you choose Proton Blockchain, and how does this project contribute to the ecosystem?

If we are talking about projects that belong to me personally, then yes, I will tell you a little secret – after my colleague block producer Nefty Blocks came to Proton together with his wonderful NFT marketplace, I started developing my crypto game on the Proton blockchain. It’s still in the early development stage, I can’t share specific details yet, but you can always stay up to date if you subscribe to my social networks.

Why Proton? – It’s simple, there is no spoiled audience, there are all services and resources for development and launch, and the blockchain itself as I said before, allows players to play without investing in resources unlike other EOSIO blockchains like WAX.

Why should Proton Blockchain users vote for you as a block producer?

With your permission, I’ll correct your question, “Why should Proton Blockchain users vote for you as a blockchain producer, what’s the interest?” – Answer: Because every $XPR invested in voting for Saltant BP allows you to improve and maintain the node infrastructure, and allows to create an accumulation of $XPR that will be used to develop crypto projects as well as marketing them. Essentially, by investing in our development – users are investing in their future!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

I’d like to share a community event we put together with one of the talented NFT artists (who some of you may know). Most of the profits from the event will go to support ALL the block producers on Proton MainNet, but the community won’t be left out either – we’ll design a crypto game for them (if the Proton community shows interest in our event).

You can read more about the event from our medium: https://medium.com/@saltantxpr/proton-nft-event-protorobots-857c1e5a8b45

Project Details

Main Website | https://proton.saltant.io

Twitter | https://twitter.com/SaltantXPR

Medium |  https://medium.com/@SaltantXPR

Telegram | https://t.me/saltant_bp

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