Written by Marlon

On April 21, 2021

Metallicus to invest into SoftAtom, a Proton developer investment fund

The Proton ecosystem is growing at an accelerated pace, with new features going live every few weeks. From short staking to long staking, Proton Swap to our NFT Marketplace, the Proton blockchain is quickly becoming a robust and flexible cryptocurrency ecosystem with more capabilities than ever before.

Now it’s time to accelerate that growth. That’s why we are excited to announce that our Executive Chairman, Fred Krueger, has created SoftAtom, an investment fund for developers building on the Proton blockchain to rapidly expand the Proton ecosystem. This company will serve as an investment vehicle for talented creators, developers, start-ups, and corporations that are ready to build on Proton.

To facilitate this growth, Fred will be stepping out of his role as our Executive Chairman and into the new role of Strategic Advisor, freeing him up to focus more of his energy and talent on bringing new value and audiences to Proton. We firmly believe in what SoftAtom will do for Proton, which is why Metal invested to receive a significant stake in SoftAtom to jumpstart this process.

Fred is excited for the future of Metal, Proton blockchain, and remains a large shareholder of Metallicus. Fred further expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “It is with my great pleasure that I give Marshall the reigns to the Board of Directors of Metallicus; to bring the company into the future of digital banking, to grow Metal Pay worldwide, and to continue to develop financial tools on the Proton blockchain.” 

The vision for Proton is massive and stretches beyond basic blockchain technology. Not only does the Proton blockchain allow for instant transactions with no gas fees, but it also allows for biometric security (Proton Signing Request), human-readable @ names, record-setting microtransactions, lending and so much more. Proton will allow for our upcoming NFT Marketplace to revolutionize how people create, buy, sell, and use NFTs, redefining what it means to use NFTs in your daily life.

A vision this far-reaching and all-encompassing necessitates a laser-focused team and investment fund working around the clock specifically to onboard creators and companies alike into our ecosystem, which is why we are so glad that Fred is willing to take on the task of building out SoftAtom. Fred remains an integral part of our team; he understands the vision from our CEO, which is why he is dedicated to ensuring that the Proton ecosystem matures at the speed of light with a dedicated and growing community.

Our CEO, Marshall Hayner, had this to say: “Fred’s vast experience in consumer-facing apps and technology is exactly what we need to bring more developers onto the Proton blockchain. Via SoftAtom, our joint investment will springboard developers, inventors and innovators of the future generation of companies building on Proton.”   

Fred plans on announcing SoftAtom’s first investments very soon, as well as the criteria to apply for funding.

The future is brighter than ever for Proton. Our products are maturing, our vision is expanding, and our progress is compounding. Visit our website to learn more about the Proton ecosystem and how you can become part of it, either as a user, as a developer, or as a creator. If you’re ready to experience what it feels like to use a bleeding-edge blockchain meant for the 21st century and beyond, then Proton is ready for you.

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