Written by Logan Smith

On June 30, 2022

NeftyBlocks | Proton June #BetterBlockchain

Hello again, Proton family!

We’re delighted to introduce the second project for this month’s campaign, Proton June #BetterBlockchain. Our goal is to introduce the incredibly talented developers behind the projects you know and love.

As part of the campaign, we will publish a ‘Meet The Builders’ interview, alongside their giveaway, so you can find out more about their project, the inspiration behind their vision, what’s next for them, and why they chose Proton.

Please meet the team from this innovative project, NeftyBlocks!

Meet The Builders – NeftyBlocks

To start, can you briefly introduce NeftyBlocks?

NeftyBlocks is an end-to-end NFT platform to create, drop, and trade NFTs.


What problem is NeftyBlocks trying to solve?

NFTs should be for everyone. Entering the NFT space is expensive and requires deep technical knowledge. To reach mass adoption, creating, buying, and selling NFTs should be intuitive, easy, and cheap. We offer a solution to this problem by providing an accessible and easy-to-use platform to start buying selling and creating NFTs.


How does NeftyBlocks make the blockchain experience more user-friendly?

Having to interact directly with smart contracts, adding JSON, and converting dates to epochs is not for everyone. We are making it easy for creators & collectors to create, buy and sell NFTs through drops and the secondary market.


Can you tell us a bit more about the NeftyBlocks management team and their background?

NeftyBlocks was founded in April 2021 by Juan Paniagua & Jose Andrade. They have been working with IT projects for years and before starting NeftyBlocks they became passionate about NFT collecting & trading.


Can you tell us more about NeftyBlocks’ vision?

We envision NFTs to be easy and affordable for everyone. We are dedicated to empowering creators, businesses, and collectors by lowering this entry barrier using state-of-the-art blockchain technologies.


Tell us about what led up to building NeftyBlocks. Why did you start this?

We started as a small team creating AlpacaWorlds, our very own NFT collection on the WAX Blockchain. We learned a lot, met beautiful people, and had a great time growing the community. We realized early on that there were many limitations in the NFT space. For regular humans, it was very difficult and expensive to get started. We set out to make NFTs easy and affordable for everyone. We built a graphical interface to make NFT drops easy and a convenient marketplace for secondary sales. That is how NeftyBlocks was born. Now, we are empowering thousands of creators and collectors of NFTs from around the world, across two amazing blockchains.


Why did you choose the Proton Blockchain to build NeftyBlocks?

The Proton contract code is based on the ultra-fast EOSIO dPOS model. This model makes these chains ideal for NFTs, gaming, Defi, and social applications. Proton offers the transaction speed and low costs that the NeftyBlocks family is used to on the WAX Blockchain. On top of that, Proton supports universal wallet names, integrated identity verification (KYC), and supports many different wrapped tokens. This allows NFT creators of our platform to accept XPR, stable coins like xUSDC and xUSDT, or any other supported cryptocurrency (xBTC, xETH , etc.) as payment for drops. Being able to use stablecoins and wrapped tokens is an advantage that is in line with our vision of making NFTs easily accessible to everyone in the world.


What benefits do token holders have with NeftyBlocks?

The NEFTY platform token is a multi-functional utility token. First, the token is used to access premium creator features on our platform. By staking NEFTY, creators gain access to NFT pack creation features, advanced NFT blending (also known as crafting) mechanics, and premium support. Moreover, NEFTY can be used to provide liquidity and staking to receive tokens. As of today, these features are not yet available on Proton but can be checked out on the WAX EOSIO Blockchain. We aim to bring the same functionalities to Proton.


Can you tell us a bit more about what’s coming next for NeftyBlocks?

We are continuously developing and releasing new features. First, we will be deploying NFT auctions and NFT blending (aka crafting) on Proton. We will also start offering NFT pack creation features among other functionalities that NFT enthusiasts from around the world desire. As we are community-driven, we listen closely to suggestions coming from our discord to determine the priority & direction of the platform development.

Project Details

Main Website | https://proton.neftyblocks.com
Twitter | https://twitter.com/neftyblocks
Discord | https://discord.com/invite/Bf789hjAsE


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