Written by Logan Smith

On April 21, 2022

New updates coming to the Proton ecosystem

The team behind Proton is one of the most dedicated, talented, and inventive teams that you will find in the cryptocurrency industry. Each day brings new progress and new solutions to the blockchain that is revolutionizing what money and data can do. Countless hours of hard work have brought exciting updates for the Proton ecosystem roadmap.

The Proton Roadmap might look a little different than what you’re used to: there are no hard dates. In our experience, definitive dates that a product or update must ship by is a liability, not an asset. When a team has the flexibility to ship a product when it is truly ready, they are incentivized to build a product strongly and correctly the first time. By unshackling ourselves from firm dates, we allow our developers the freedom needed to build beautiful products that simply work – which benefits all of our users.

Proton Loan Updates

Proton Loan Voting Dashboard
A highly anticipated update for the Proton Loan ecosystem, the upcoming Voting Dashboard will allow LOAN holders a way to vote for updates to the Proton Loan platform, using the weight of their LOAN holdings to increase their vote size.

WebAuth Updates

WebAuth NFT Support
Our next-generation cryptocurrency wallet and identity attestation solution steps further into the world of Web3 by adding NFT support directly in the wallet, allowing WebAuth users to see the NFTs that they hold in their collection directly in the WebAuth Wallet app.

WebAuth Web Version
The WebAuth Wallet comes to desktop users through the WebAuth Web Version. This update makes it easier to use WebAuth, broadening the potential user base for this beautifully-designed platform.

Multi-Currency / Multi-Language Support for WebAuth
This update unlocks the WebAuth platform for more users from more diverse places around the world, with support for dozens of new languages and currencies in WebAuth.

More Exciting Proton Updates

Proton Decentralized Exchange
The highly-anticipated Proton Decentralized Exchange (Dex) brings Proton further towards the decentralized future that we’re building, allowing Proton users to trade and swap cryptocurrencies directly with each other using limit orders, order books, and other features – without the need of a centralized third-party to facilitate the transaction.

Ethereum NFT Bridge
Port your ERC-721/1155 NFTs directly into the Proton blockchain by using the upcoming Ethereum NFT Bridge – allowing you to buy, sell, send, and receive your NFTs without paying the high gas fees associated with other blockchains.

While these updates are exciting for our community, and will help the Proton ecosystem grow faster than before, there is still more to come in the near future. Continued work on all aspects of Proton will bring more progress in Q2, Q3, and beyond, as we continue to build the future of finance.

Web 3.0 Starts at Proton.


Ready to get started? Get WebAuth on Web, Android, and iOS for free with just a few clicks. Want to learn more about Proton? Follow us on social media and check out our website – we’re always posting new updates about the Proton ecosystem that we’re building for you.

Welcome to Proton, we’re glad you’re here.

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