Written by Logan Smith

On May 23, 2022

Now on Proton Swap and Yield Farms: Proton Mint (MINT)

We are excited to announce that Proton Mint (MINT) is now available on Proton Swap! Proton Mint is one of the most successful examples of the open-source utility of Proton Market, and we are so happy to see them take steps to introduce themselves and their token to our community.

About Proton Mint

When we designed Proton Market as the world’s easiest-to-use NFT marketplace, we envisioned a way for thousands of people to buy, mint, sell, send, and receive NFTs with just a few clicks. When we made Proton Market open-source, we envisioned millions of people using NFTs like never before. Proton Mint is helping turn that vision into a reality.

Proton Mint is a remarkably easy-to-use NFT marketplace that makes buying, minting, and selling NFTs simple and fast. Leveraging the full strength of the Proton blockchain and the Proton Market ecosystem, Proton Mint allows Proton users to connect their WebAuth Wallet and participate in NFT auctions, earn royalties on NFT sales, view trending NFT collections, and so much more.

If you were ever looking for an NFT marketplace to show a friend as an introduction to how easy NFTs can be, look no further than ProtonMint.com.

About the token: MINT

With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, and a current circulating supply of 160 million, MINT is the central part of the Proton Mint platform. Mint will be used to govern, advertise, verify, and exchange on the Proton Mint platform, and the Proton Mint team is  working on more use cases for the MINT token. Additionally, the Proton Mint team envisions MINT becoming a DAO in the future.

MINT and Proton Swap

Now that MINT is on Proton Swap, users can swap any of the Proton-wrapped cryptocurrencies available on Proton Swap for MINT. That means XPR, XUSDC, XBTC, and many other coins can be swapped back and forth for MINT without paying a gas fee.

Additionally, the Proton Mint team has committed 20 million MINT to supplying rewards to Yield Farmers on Proton Swap, with the intention to increase this amount over time if needed. In this way, MINT holders can earn more MINT by contributing to the MINT/XPR liquidity pool on ProtonSwap.com/farms.

Why Proton Mint chose Proton

The Proton community has enthusiastically embraced the Proton Mint platform, and using it for yourself makes it easy to see why. When asked why the Proton Mint team chose to launch their project on Proton, they listed several important reasons:

“Proton has been a no-brainer for us: no fees, an awesome wallet, instant transactions, and a vibrant community. This together gave us the perfect recipe to create an amazing NFT platform. We are really excited about the recent addition of NFTs in the WebAuth Wallet as well as the Proton Mint integration directly in the wallet!”

We’re so glad that Proton Mint is increasing their involvement in the Proton ecosystem. Be sure to make them feel welcome and at home!


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Welcome to Proton, we’re glad you’re here.

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