Written by Logan Smith

On April 8, 2022

Proton Billboard Bounty Update

Remember our Proton billboard in San Francisco? 

While seeing the first real-life billboard for Proton was exciting in itself, this was much larger than just a giant sign in the tech capital of the world. This marked the start of the Proton Billboard Bounty: a set of 10 limited edition Proton Billboard NFT’s backed up with a $5000 bounty paid in XPR for anyone that could successfully deliver a partnership for Protonchain. 

The Proton community rose to the challenge, and we were blown away by the connections you brought us. The leads were incredible, with projects including credit card issuers, music platforms, legal document storage companies, payment gateways, NFT projects, payroll processing, charitable organizations, government divisions, and more all interested in building on Proton. A lot of these conversations are ongoing and we are continuing to communicate with numerous potential partners that our community has connected us with.

However, one enterprising Protonian (@mcta35) connected us to a very exciting project that wants to build on Proton to create a solution for Carbon Credits – we’ll save the details to tell you later – and was our first winner of the Proton Billboard Bounty NFT and, when the deal is closed, the $5000 in $XPR!

The Proton Billboard Bounty not only pulled in potential partnerships in the United States, but the augmented reality version allowed our community to connect us with companies around the world who are ready to build on Proton.

As the Proton ecosystem continues to grow, we’ll keep creating avenues for our community to get involved and contribute to the adoption of the Proton blockchain.


Want to learn more about Proton? Follow us on social media and check out our website – we’re always posting new updates about the Proton ecosystem that we’re building for you.

Welcome to Proton, we’re glad you’re here.

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