Written by Marlon

On March 28, 2023

Proton Blockchain Development Fund: Unlocking New Potential with the Improved Proton Blockchain Grant Program

The Proton Blockchain Development Fund is continually evolving to support the growth and development of innovative projects within the Proton ecosystem. The newly improved Proton Grant Program is designed to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and offer financial support to individuals, teams, and companies building on the Proton Blockchain.


The Community Warchest within the Proton Grant Program has allocated a significant portion of resources, setting aside 2 billion XPR, which is valued at over $3 million USD. This substantial investment highlights the commitment of the Proton community to support and accelerate the development of innovative projects on the Proton Blockchain.


By providing ample funding, the program aims to attract a wide array of talent, from individual developers to established companies, who can contribute to the ecosystem’s growth and diversity. As a result, the Proton Blockchain will continue to thrive and expand, further establishing itself as a leading platform for cutting-edge solutions in the blockchain industry.


In this blog post, we’ll discuss the new and improved grant program, its guidelines, application process, and how it aims to accelerate the growth of the Proton ecosystem.


New Proton Grant Program: The Highlights


The Proton Grant Program is financed by the Community Warchest, sourced from the Proton Development Fund. This program has been revamped to streamline the application process, increase transparency, and encourage participation. The grant program is structured in a way that individuals, small teams, and companies can apply for funding, with a preference for open-source projects. Furthermore, there are Recognition Grants that may be awarded to projects that have already made a significant impact on the ecosystem, at the discretion of the Proton Consortium.


The Proton Blockchain Consortium is a collective of dedicated professionals, organizations, and core developers committed to steering the growth and development of the Proton ecosystem. As the driving force behind the Proton Blockchain Grant Program, the Consortium is responsible for evaluating grant applications, approving projects that meet the criteria, and monitoring the progress of funded projects. 


Who can apply and how much?


The Proton Grant Program welcomes a diverse range of applicants, including individuals, small teams, and companies, to apply for funding that will support their projects on the Proton Blockchain.


The grant amounts vary depending on the applicant and whether the project is open source. Individual applicants can apply for up to $5,000 for non-open-source projects and up to $10,000 for open-source ones. Small teams can apply for grants of up to $25,000 for non-open-source projects and up to $50,000 for open-source initiatives. Companies can request funding of up to $100,000 for non-open-source ventures and up to $200,000 for open-source projects. This inclusive approach encourages a wide array of participants to contribute to the growth and innovation of the Proton Blockchain ecosystem, ultimately leading to a thriving and diverse blockchain community.


Grant Guidelines


The grant program’s guidelines allow for a wide range of applicants, from individuals to companies, with varying grant amounts depending on the type of applicant and project. The minimum requirements for all applicants include having a Proton account with KYC verification, proven experience, and a live project or an experienced team.


Application Process


The application process is straightforward, involving forking the Proton Blockchain Grant Framework repo, making a copy of the application template, filling it out with the project details, and creating a Pull Request for the completed application file. After submission, the Proton Consortium will review the application and decide whether to create a DAO Dash Proposal. In the case of Recognition or Special Company Grants, the Consortium may approve the application internally.


Milestone Process


Once a grant is approved, the project milestones should be reported to the community via GitHub, with the Proton Consortium monitoring progress. Timely milestone delivery is crucial, as delayed progress may result in postponed payments for future milestones.




Payments are made in XPR (Proton’s native cryptocurrency) after the milestone sign-off by the Proton Consortium and approval of the proposal multi-signature (msig) by three Consortium members. For first-time grant recipients, payments are made on a per-milestone basis.


Grant Evaluators and Operator


The Proton Consortium Members and Metallicus (Core Developer) evaluate the grant applications, while the grant operator, Paul Grey, oversees the entire process.


The Proton Blockchain Development Fund’s improved grant program aims to foster growth and innovation within the Proton ecosystem by supporting projects that bring value to the community. By simplifying the application process and offering tailored grants for individuals, teams, and companies, the grant program seeks to empower developers and businesses to build on the Proton Blockchain and contribute to the development of the broader ecosystem. This will not only strengthen the Proton community but also ensure a thriving and innovative future for the blockchain.


Proton Blockchain Grant Framework Github Repo: https://github.com/ProtonProtocol/grant-framework

Join the Proton Blockchain Developers Channel on Telegram: https://t.me/protondev

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