Written by Marlon

On February 24, 2021

Proton completes a voluntary external security assessment

We are proud to announce that a voluntary external security assessment of the Proton blockchain has been completed, offering a strong signal that the Proton blockchain ecosystem was not found to have significant vulnerabilities and is ready for rapid development.

This external security assessment was completed by Kudelski Security, which has previously done work for Binance, Crypto.com, and many leading cryptocurrencies, and is a publicly traded company worth over $1 billion; we are confident in their reputation and are pleased with their abilities to protect the Proton ecosystem.

This assessment was a security review of the code, methods, libraries, and encryption used within the Proton blockchain. Kudelski Security performed a manual code review of the platform, examining logic validation versus our architecture and whitepaper to ensure our blockchain is above reproach. This is all part of our efforts to provide you, our user, with an additional level of confidence. Not only does this demonstrate that our architecture is sound from a security perspective, but also that we are regularly seeking input and guidance from world-class security companies to review for potential threats to the smart contracts deployed on the Proton infrastructure.

Kudelski Security’s findings of the security of the Proton blockchain were encouraging. According to the team at Kudelski, “The findings during the review have been better than other projects of similar size and complexity.”

Many blockchain projects do not voluntarily undergo an assessment from third-party security experts, and even fewer inform the public about the findings of the security assessment. Our company motto remains “Always act in good faith with full transparency and accountability.” We intend to uphold this motto and live it out, which is why we’ll always be transparent with you, our user.

Have questions about this security assessment, or the Proton blockchain in general? Be sure to stop by the Proton Twitter account and share your thoughts with us – we’re always happy to connect with our users.

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