Written by Marlon

On May 11, 2023

Proton Roadmap Update

Proton Community,


This year promises to be a transformative one as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in blockchain and decentralized finance. This leads us to introduce the updated Roadmap of projects that the core developer, Metallicus, has committed to continue developing in the Proton Blockchain Ecosystem in order to maintain our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of new technology. 


After the successful passing of the Proton Development Proposal, the first priority is to deliver the Proton Governance Dashboard, which will enable the community to more easily help to shape the future of the Proton Blockchain.


The roadmap includes additional projects, such as the Proton / Ethereum NFT Bridge, a Proof of Reserves & Liabilities Dashboard, Proton Payment Streaming, a PSR upgrade (inc. WebAuth notifications), an ISO20022 Compliance Demo, Proton Invoicing, and last but not least, a new home for every Metallicus dApp on Proton Blockchain.


If you’re looking for more information on each project, we’ve expanded on each new roadmap item in more detail below. The roadmap page on the Proton website will be adjusted in the coming days.


To celebrate the launch of the roadmap, we are excited to announce that we are giving away 23 limited-edition Proton 2023 NFTs! These exclusive NFTs are up for grabs to anyone who follows these simple steps:


  1. Retweet the Roadmap on Twitter
  2. Comment #ProtonBlockchain on the Roadmap Tweet
  3. Tag a friend on the Roadmap Tweet that you’d like to share it with


Winners will be announced on Thursday 18th May.


As the core developer, Metallicus is committed to positioning Proton Blockchain as the leading Layer 1 in the industry. 


Proton Roadmap Breakdown


Proton Governance Dashboard

The Proton Governance Dashboard is a highly anticipated addition to the Proton Blockchain, providing a decentralized voting mechanism that allows stakeholders from a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to vote on community-driven proposals, including community marketing proposals, as well as proposals related to network upgrades, protocol changes, and other important decisions that impact the ecosystem.

The governance dashboard enables users to participate in decision-making processes by allowing them to submit and vote on proposals, helping to shape the future of the Proton Blockchain. By providing a transparent and decentralized governance structure, the Proton Governance Dashboard ensures that all stakeholders have a voice in the decision-making process, promoting a more democratic and inclusive blockchain ecosystem that is responsive to the needs and aspirations of the Proton community. This exciting development brings a new level of engagement and collaboration to the Proton community, ensuring that it continues to evolve and grow in line with user needs and aspirations.

Current progress: 90% completed


Proton Vesting & Streaming Payments

Proton Payment Streaming is a new dApp on the Proton Blockchain that enables users to set up smart contracts for automated payments. With this innovative payment solution, users can stream payments to a designated account over a specific period of time by setting the amount, duration, and recipient account. Once set up, the smart contract executes automatically, ensuring timely and efficient payment processing.

Proton Payment Streaming is particularly useful for businesses and individuals who need to make recurring payments such as salary payments or subscription fees. By leveraging the speed and cost-effectiveness of the Proton Blockchain, this dApp provides a reliable and cost-effective payment solution that simplifies payment processing and reduces the risk of errors and delays.



Current progress: 95% completed


Proton / Ethereum NFT Bridge

The upcoming Ethereum NFT Bridge on Proton blockchain enables users to port their ERC-721/1155 NFTs directly onto the Proton blockchain, offering instant transactions for buying, selling, sending, and receiving NFTs without incurring high gas fees. This allows NFT enthusiasts to leverage the efficiency of the Proton blockchain and explore the NFT ecosystem more affordably. By enabling cross-chain interoperability, the Ethereum NFT Bridge makes it possible for users to experience the benefits of both Ethereum and Proton blockchains, providing a practical solution for those looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to manage their NFTs.


Current progress: 75% completed


WebAuth Redesign

In the upcoming development cycle for WebAuth, we’re focusing on several key enhancements. The user interface will be updated to align with our new brand identity, improving overall aesthetics and consistency across platforms. User experience will be enhanced with more intuitive navigation and streamlined processes. New features are also on the horizon, including a notification system for real-time updates and alerts. These technical advancements are a part of our commitment to continuously improve WebAuth, providing a superior platform for managing digital assets. Stay tuned for these updates in our forthcoming release.


Current progress on notification system: 50% completed


The New Home of Proton Blockchain – Proton.org 

As part of the 2023 roadmap, all core Proton Blockchain dApps will be consolidated onto the proton.org URL, featuring a unified user interface. The hub will include all core Proton Blockchain applications, such as Proton DEX, Proton Loan, and Proton KYC, creating a seamless experience with easy application switching. Trade crypto on your favorite DeFi applications, deposit Fiat via the on-ramp, verify your identity to gain access to more features, vote on community marketing proposals via the DAO Dashboard, access developer documentation, and chat with community members or developers in a new forum, all on one unified platform.

The new home of Proton Blockchain will simplify user interactions with core dApps, raise awareness of the technology, and strengthen the community. This hub will also boost marketing efforts and allow any interested parties to easily discover everything that the Proton Ecosystem has to offer.


Proof of Reserves & Liabilities Dashboard

The Proof of Reserves & Liabilities Dashboard on the Proton Blockchain provides users with real-time monitoring of the reserves and liabilities of wrapped assets on the Proton Blockchain. By utilizing data from multiple sources, the dashboard enables users to assess the financial health of bridged assets, including cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and others. The dashboard shows proof of reserves and liabilities, ensuring that wrapped assets on the Proton Blockchain are fully backed 1:1 with the original token bridged to the Proton Blockchain, held and secured with a custodian. while also taking into account any associated liabilities.

This ensures that users who are managing their digital assets on the Proton Blockchain have full confidence in the financial health of these assets. The Proof of Reserves & Liabilities Dashboard on the Proton Blockchain is a powerful tool that provides a greater level of financial oversight and should encourage others in the industry to follow. 


New Wallet Connection Flow (PSR – Proton Signing Request)

The Proton Signing Request (PSR) upgrade on the Proton Blockchain provides a more efficient and secure way for users to interact with WebAuth when performing transactions on various decentralized applications (dApps). The new PSR features reduce latency and in-wallet Push Notifications, providing a faster and more seamless experience for users. The PSR upgrade leverages the Proton Blockchain’s speed and security to provide a reliable and secure authentication solution for users, making it easier and faster for users to authenticate their identities and perform transactions on dApps. Overall, the PSR upgrade on the Proton Blockchain offers a secure and efficient solution for interacting with WebAuth and performing transactions on dApps, improving the user experience and providing greater peace of mind.


Current progress: 25% completed


ISO20022 Compliance Demo

The ISO20022 Compliance Demo is an upcoming project within the Proton Blockchain ecosystem. Our team plans to develop and release a demo that showcases Proton’s ability to seamlessly integrate with traditional financial systems and institutions while adhering to the ISO20022 international standard for financial messaging. We will demonstrate how Proton can use ISO20022 messaging formats to efficiently and securely communicate financial data across different systems, platforms, and institutions, enabling greater interoperability and streamlining processes. By showcasing the potential of a more connected financial ecosystem, the ISO20022 Compliance Demo is an important step in our roadmap toward building a cutting-edge solution for the financial industry. It will also help attract more financial institutions to the Proton ecosystem, increasing adoption and strengthening the platform’s position as a reliable solution.


Proton Invoicing 

Proton Invoicing is an on-chain invoicing solution built on the Proton Blockchain that enables users to generate invoices and process payments via smart contracts. The product will streamline the invoicing process by leveraging the security and efficiency of the Proton Blockchain, reducing the need for intermediaries and manual interventions. With Proton Invoicing, users can create and manage invoices with ease, automate the invoicing process, and increase transparency. This product is specifically designed for small businesses and freelancers who need a reliable and efficient invoicing solution that reduces the need for expensive accounting software or services and affords users the ability to get invoices paid instantly with fewer fees. Overall, Proton Invoicing is an important step in our roadmap toward building a more inclusive and connected financial ecosystem that provides innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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