Written by Marlon

On September 19, 2020

Proton Swapping Tool is Live – Unlocking Staking and More!

We’re thrilled to announce that our brand new Proton Swap tool is now live and ready for iOS and Android users of the Proton Wallet. This tool will allow you to swap your XPR based on the Ethereum blockchain to mainnet XPR – which opens up all other functions of the Proton Blockchain. Or, if you feel like swapping the opposite direction, you can do that too. That means swapping your XPR will allow you to stake, vote for block producers, and so much more.

This is especially important for people who may have bought Proton via the Metal Pay Marketplace. The Proton you bought and have been holding is on the Ethereum blockchain, which now needs to be swapped over to the Proton blockchain. We’ve made this easy and pain-free; you can check out our iOS guide and Android guide to learn more about that.

Reading the guide linked above will be helpful for you moving forward, but here are some main takeaways:

Ready to get swapping and start staking? Start the process today and enjoy all of the benefits that come from the Proton blockchain!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team by tapping on your profile picture in the Proton Wallet, tap on ‘Support & feedback’ next, or check out our blog to learn more about Proton.

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