Written by Marlon

On March 17, 2021

Proton, the new home for NFTs

Proton + Atomic Assets: no gas fees, near-zero minting costs, superb end-user experience.

There’s a lot of interest in NFTs these days, but the end-user experience is far from good. On Ethereum, it costs upwards of $50 just to mint an NFT. Placing a bid or lifting an offer can also cost $10 or more, and take several minutes. Proton enables NFT creation in an environmentally sustainable way without wasteful energy production, designed for the future.

On EOSIO chains, the situation is better. The Atomic Asset open-source NFT standard is excellent, but when it comes to proving ownership of the creator and the owner, identity on chain is a must. Without a notion of identity, it’s very hard to hold NFT counterfeiters responsible. Are you really buying from the artist or from somebody who just stole the images, videos, or 3d models?

Enter Proton

The Proton Chain was almost made for NFTs. With fast speed (3,000+ TPS), a bulletproof resource model, and identity built into the chain, it starts from a position no other chain can even approach.

But this is not all. Our third-generation wallet (EOS Lynx, Lynx, and now Proton) is the fastest, cleanest, most powerful wallet in all of crypto. Import in BTC or ETH and wrap them on the mobile wallet.

But most importantly, with Proton Signing Request, this ultra-secure mobile wallet can communicate seamlessly with the NFT platform. On both IOS and Android. Nobody comes close.

So what are we building?

One of our goals is to make Proton the blockchain of choice for NFTs. To that effect we are building a lot of open source examples and tools starting with Atomic Assets. This includes an open source Monsters demo that will come out this week, where you can buy NFTs using our free FOOBAR token, and an implementation of the Atomic Marketplace, where you can mint NFTs and sell them for XPR or a stable coin like XUSDC.

The Monsters Demo

The open source Monsters demo that we will show this week is a set of 10 simple NFTs that you can buy or sell with our free token FOOBAR. These are all implemented on-chain, and when you dive in, you can see you drill down to the series and specific serial numbers.

All this tech is open source and can be used to build your own marketplace, to mint NFTs for games, etc. Let a thousand flowers bloom!

Simplified NFT Creation

We like to say that in the very near future, creating an NFT will be as easy as uploading a file to Google Drive. Well, we’ve now managed to make even creating a series of 100 NFTs a 30-second process!

Universal Collection names across all of Proton

One of the great things about Proton is all users are identified by a simple 4 char or more user name. Now, the same is true for NFT collections. To find something just enter the collection name.

Multiple Marketplaces

The Atomic Framework, which we love (and which was incidentally developed by Proton block producer Pink Network) features the idea of Multiple Marketplaces. An item can be on sale in multiple places at once — and never leave the user’s wallet. The “maker” marketplace and the “taker” marketplace each take 1% of each sale and the creator can set their own royalty.

Proton is working with multiple Marketplaces and destinations that will originate their own branded content (in the same way NBA Top Shots originated collectibles with Flow). There are many, many things that can be built on top of the Proton + Atomic platform. Our goal is to be the facilitator.


The bulk of the work on all of this has been done: the blockchain, the wallet, the integration with Atomic, the stable-coins, and the proton signing request. We expect to have all this in production on main-net within a very short amount of time (weeks not months).

If you are an artist or NFT collector and want to learn more, please follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram and Discord community. If you are a game or app developer interested in NFTs please connect with Developer Relations.

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