Written by Marlon

On November 25, 2020

Proton Wallet available for download on the iOS App Store

We’re thrilled to announce that the Proton Wallet is now available to download from the iOS App Store! This app allows you to participate directly in the Proton ecosystem by staking XPR, earning block rewards, voting for block producers, and so much more. 

Users can verify their identity to gain access to new features, including cryptocurrency swapping and the ability to interact with different platforms and games that run on Proton! We’re in the process of building out a host of additional apps, games, and platforms that will give you new ways to move money, earn cryptocurrency, and participate in a global economy.

Staking is a key feature of the Proton Wallet. Users can transfer their XPR into the wallet and stake as little or as much as they want with just a few taps. Voting for block producers is quicker than ever and allows you to earn a portion of the block rewards every 24 hours. With a variable APY and a streamlined interface, Proton Wallet is the simplest way to earn passive cryptocurrency.

We thoroughly designed, built, and tested this app to ensure it meets our standards for security, reliability, and ease of use. Capable of up to 4,000 transactions per second, this wallet features no gas fees for users, free accounts, and short usernames meant to be read by humans. Your keys are always stored on your device via Apple’s Keychain, giving you full control over your own security. Additionally, the Proton blockchain is protected by an independent, term-limited governance council designed to ensure all chain validators meet high technical and reputational standards. 

We’ve made sign-ups easier than ever, and we’ve included a detailed guide that you can follow here. Verifying your identity is quick and hassle-free, and staking can happen in just a few clicks. For more information about how to swap cryptocurrency on the Proton Wallet, check out the helpful guide here. Any other questions about the Proton Wallet are likely covered in the Support section of our website, and our team is standing by ready to ensure everything runs smoothly for you.

The Proton Wallet was built to be quick, functional, and secure. Come experience the cutting-edge Proton ecosystem for yourself – download it today!

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