Written by Marlon

On September 20, 2020

Proton Wallet Alpha is now available for download on Android

We’re excited to announce that Proton Wallet Alpha is now available for download on Android!

Hyper-focused on Proton’s blockchain, this app is a powerful way to interact with Proton. Proton is a new blockchain capable of up to 4,000 transactions per second, with built-in optional identity on-chain, and architected with the goal of recording fiat transaction requests on-chain as well as crypto.

The Proton blockchain also features no gas fees for users, free accounts, and short usernames meant to be read by humans.

This Alpha version of the Proton Reference Wallet allows you to take our tech for a spin and experience what we’ve been building just for you. Simply use this link to download the Proton wallet on the Google Play Store.

Since this is an Alpha version of the wallet, it is highly recommended to backup your private key. To do so, tap your avatar in the top left of the wallet dashboard, this will bring you to the Settings page. From there, tap on ‘Backup Key’ and follow the instructions.

Bloks.io integration

The Proton Reference wallet for Android integrates Bloks.io — the most powerful block explorer for Proton, also owned by the same parent company Metal. This integration allows you to stake, vote, claim rewards, and swap, until those features are natively enabled in the Proton Wallet.

Logging in to Bloks.io is easy, simply tap on the 3 dots on the top right of the home screen to perform actions on the Proton blockchain.

Swap XPR (ETH) to XPR

We created a guide that allows you to seamlessly swap your Ethereum based XPR tokens to native XPR tokens.

Stake Proton, Earn Proton

Now you can stake your Proton with just a few taps  — easily choosing how much of your holdings you’re willing to store. Block rewards are paid out every 24 hours, giving you an easy way to build your stack of XPR.

Blockchain meets Democracy

With the ability to vote for block producers with just a few taps, it’s never been easier to make your voice heard in the cryptocurrency that you have a vested interest in. Choose the block producers you trust the most and make your mark on the Proton blockchain.

Choosing the right block producer can make all the difference in a project that you care about. Reward block producers that you like by using your votes in their favor. You now have the power to shape the progress of Proton.

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