Written by Logan Smith

On June 24, 2022

ProtonMint | Proton June #BetterBlockchain

Hello again, Proton family!

We’re delighted to introduce the second project for this month’s campaign, Proton June #BetterBlockchain. Our goal is to introduce the incredibly talented developers behind the projects you know and love.

As part of the campaign, we will publish a ‘Meet The Builders’ interview, alongside their giveaway, so you can find out more about their project, the inspiration behind their vision, what’s next for them, and why they chose Proton.

Please meet the team from this innovative project, ProtonMint!

Meet The Builders – ProtonMint


To start, can you briefly introduce ProtonMint?

ProtonMint is the largest and most active NFT marketplace on the Proton blockchain. Through ProtonMint, anybody can easily and quickly buy, create, mint, sell NFTs at a fraction of the cost of other NFT platforms. Of course, thanks to Proton’s zero gass-fees, they can also transfer NFTs at no cost and view them in their WebAuth wallet.  


What problem is ProtonMint trying to solve? 

ProtonMint is working to enhance the NFT experience on Proton by providing more intuitive NFT discovery, artist and collection promotion, advanced analysis and more purchase options. !


How does ProtonMint make the blockchain experience more user friendly?

We use the Atomic Asset standard (https://atomicassets.io/) to  develop a more intuitive and user-friendly marketplace, then focus on forming a strong community of NFT creators and buyers on Proton. 


Can you tell us a bit more about the management team? 

ProtonMint was started as a community project when ProtonMarket was released as open source. Diverse members of the community joined the project over time and contributed to the development of the marketplace. We aim to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) over time, allowing everyone to contribute to the development of the most popular NFT marketplace on Proton!


Can you tell us more about ProtonMint’s vision? 

At ProtonMint we want to provide the NFT community with the most features possible. We’re actively working on a launchpad for NFTs & tokens, as well as improving the marketplace UI. More NFT related features continue to be developed. In the future, we intend to launch an IOS/ANDROID app to further improve the NFT experience on proton.


Tell us about what lead up to building ProtonMint. Why did you start this?

After we saw the amazing potential for ProtonMarket and the market’s subsequent open sourcing, we decided to improve and add features to the marketplace. The amazing Proton NFT community itself had a big hand in this, actively encouraging and contributing ideas to ProtonMint’s development. It’s been  a wonderful journey and we’re proud today to see all the progress. We are so excited to make ProtonMint even better, and thrilled to contribute to the development and increased awareness of the Proton ecosystem itself.!


Why did you choose the Proton Blockchain to build ProtonMint?

Proton has been a no-brainer for us: no fees, an awesome wallet, instant transactions, and a vibrant community. It’s the perfect recipe for a world-class  NFT platform. We are excited by the recent addition of NFT support in the WebAuth Wallet and ProtonMint’s direct integration into the wallet!


What benefits do token holders have with MINT?

Mint will be used to govern, advertise, verify, and exchange on the ProtonMint platform. MINT will play a critical role in our upcoming launchpad. We are working on even more use cases for the MINT token. Further, ProtonMint envisions MINT becoming a DAO to give even more power to MINT token holders.


Can you tell us a bit more about what’s coming next for ProtonMint?

We are planning an APP for the ProtonMint marketplace and a launchpad for NFT projects & tokens. The ProtonMint platform will add more social features and user customization capabilities.  We continue to work on new utilities for MINT token while pursuing new exchange listings!


Project Details

Main Website | protonmint.com

Twitter | https://twitter.com/protonmint

Telegram | https://t.me/protonmint

Discord |  https://discord.com/invite/EsQCf6pFkx


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