Written by Proton Chain News Staff

On March 25, 2020

Proton (XPR) airdrop information

In preparation of launching Proton (XPR) on mainnet, the Proton team will be moving forward with an airdrop of Proton tokens to all Metal (MTL) and Lynx (LNX) holders next week.

A snapshot will be made at Ethereum block #9773868 which should occur on Monday, March 30th around 1 PM GMT.

This snapshot records all of the balances in the MTL and LNX ecosystems.

When will the airdrop happen?

While there is no date set in stone yet for the actual airdrop, it will follow shortly after the snapshot has been completed. We will keep our you updated with new information on this site.

Info for Metal (MTL) holders:

Every account with an MTL balance will be credited Proton tokens at a 1:1 ratio. So if you had 1 MTL token on the snapshot date, you will receive 1 Proton token.

For this airdrop, the ERC-20 wrapped version of Proton tokens will be used. When Proton mainnet is launched, you will be able to swap tokens between these two networks.

Where do I need to store my Metal (MTL) tokens?

Any valid Ethereum wallet capable of storing MTL tokens can be used. 

Even though that services like an exchange, wallet service or lending platform usually honor airdrops, it’s not guaranteed that they will and if you desire to have access to your Proton tokens immediately the safest option is to move your Metal tokens to an account that you have full control of before this snapshot occurs.

All Metal products, Metal Vault and Metal Pay, will support the Proton (XPR) snapshot/airdrop.

Info for Lynx (LNX) holders:

Every account with an LNX balance will be credited Proton tokens at a 1:1 ratio. So if you had 1 LNX token on the snapshot date, you will receive 1 Proton token.

Every 2 months LNX holders will receive another Airdrop of 1 XPR for every 1 LNX. This will occur 5 times. 

Starting Monday, March 30th, a LNX app will allow you to claim your first installment of XPR as Ethereum wrapped coins instead of Proton mainnet tokens. These Ethereum wrapped coins will be listed first on exchanges.

This option will exist up until a few days before Proton mainnet becomes widely accessible. If you choose to use the claim app you will then receive your last 4 installments after Proton mainnet launches.

If you don’t have an ERC-20 wallet, here’s a link to recommended ERC-20 wallets.

If you still hold LYNX tokens

If you still have the old LYNX token (on EOS MainNet), please reach out to them on Telegram this week. They may be able to manually airdrop the new LNX coin to you. You will need that LNX coin on chain to receive the Proton XPR airdrop.

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