Written by Marlon

On May 10, 2023

Simplifying Proton DEX Trading with Grid Bot and Market Maker Bot Strategies


In the world of cryptocurrency trading, two popular strategies that can help you optimize your trading experience on the Proton Decentralized Exchange (Proton DEX) are Grid Bot and Market Maker Bot strategies. These automated trading bots help users execute trades efficiently and potentially maximize profits. In this blog post, we’ll explain these two strategies in a way that’s easy to understand, so you can decide if they’re right for you.


Grid Bot Strategy:


The Grid Bot is an automated trading program designed for volatile markets. It buys low and sells high within a pre-defined price range, capitalizing on price fluctuations to make profits. The bot places a series of buy and sell orders across different price levels, and as each order is executed, it automatically sets up a new order at a different price level.


For example, if you set up a Grid Bot for the XBTC_XMD trading pair with an upper limit of 23,000 and a lower limit of 21,000, the bot will divide this range into 10 grid levels, with a size of 200. It will then place buy and sell orders at each level, constantly adjusting as the market changes.


Market Maker Bot Strategy:


The Market Maker Bot is designed to place buy and sell orders on the Proton DEX order books for multiple markets. This strategy is less concerned about market direction and focuses on placing a series of sell orders at regular intervals above a base price and a series of buy orders beneath it.


This bot has been tested with various trading pairs such as XPR/XUSDC, XPR/XMD, and XETH/XMD. You can easily add new markets to the bot’s settings and restart it to update the trading pairs.


Learning About and Creating Your Own Trading Bot:


Proton DEX encourages users to learn about and create their own trading bots using the provided code as a foundation. The code for both the Grid Bot and Market Maker Bot strategies is available on GitHub under the protonprotocol repository. By accessing this code, you can study how the bots work, modify them to fit your trading needs, or even develop a completely new bot from scratch.


To get started, visit the GitHub page. Once you have a copy of the code, you can examine it, make any necessary changes, and then deploy your custom trading bot to work with Proton DEX. By doing this, you can create a personalized trading experience tailored to your specific preferences and strategies.

Additional Features:


  1. Canceling orders: The provided scripts, cancel-orders-mainnet.js and cancel-orders-testnet.js, allow users to cancel either market-specific or all open orders at any time.
  2. Slack integration: To monitor your balance and open orders, you can integrate the bots with your Slack channel by updating the slackBotToken and channelId options in the configuration file. Follow the Slack API documentation to create a bot token and invite the app to your channel.



Both Grid Bot and Market Maker Bot strategies offer unique ways to enhance your trading experience on the Proton DEX. By utilizing these automated trading bots, you can potentially maximize profits and save time. Additionally, by accessing the code on GitHub, you can create your own custom trading bot to match your individual trading style. Remember that these strategies are just a starting point; you can always tailor them to suit your specific needs and trading preferences. Always be aware of the risks involved and trade responsibly. Happy trading!



It is important to note that there are always risks associated with trading, and Metallicus accepts no responsibility for any losses incurred while using these trading bots. Be sure to thoroughly understand the strategies and risks involved before implementing any trading bot.

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