Written by Logan Smith

On June 8, 2022

Snipcoins | Proton June #BetterBlockchain

Hello Proton family!

We’re delighted to introduce the first project for this month’s campaign, Proton June #BetterBlockchain. Our goal is to introduce the incredibly talented developers behind the projects you know and love.

As part of the campaign, we will publish a ‘Meet The Builders’ interview, alongside their giveaway, so you can find out more about their project, the inspiration behind their vision, what’s next for them, and why they chose Proton.

Please meet the team from this innovative project, Snipcoins!

Meet The Builders – Snipcoins.com

To start, can you briefly introduce Snipcoins?

Snipcoins.com is a social platform designed exclusively for all things crypto. It’s a place where cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts can connect, share, engage, trade and learn from each other.  Snipcoins aims to be the all-in-one social media hub for individuals seeking a vibrant crypto discussion space, to engage on varying levels with people who share their common interest, as well as facilitating web3 community building for organized projects seeking to establish an interactive “headquarters” for their respective communities.

The Snipcoins model is a “engage to earn” model, which means all members are rewarded with SNIPS tokens for contributing content or engaging with each other on the platform.


What problem is Snipcoins trying to solve?

Crypto needs a comfortable social media home.

It’s very hard to find new cryptocurrencies or NFTs without bouncing between multiple websites and platforms to discover projects that are trustworthy with a strong community and have potential to be successful.

Admittedly, many crypto projects currently use either Twitter, Telegram or Discord to base their community interaction. However, they are not necessarily welcoming to all of the recent interest in the crypto world.

These platforms have five things in common: FUD, Impersonators, Bots, Spams, and Scams.  As a newcomer to crypto, researching new projects on these platforms can be a very unpleasant and an uncomfortable experience.

Additionally, none of these platforms offer the combination of multi-medium connectivity and the singular focus of serving only crypto, NFT or Web3 related projects. Snipcoins.com, on the other hand, was built for this.


How does Snipcoins make the blockchain experience more user friendly?

Often a user will find themselves invested in, or at least following, multiple projects. Currently, this activity takes place across various platforms and interfaces making it difficult to keep track of developments and even conversations with other involved contacts.

Snipcoins.com brings all these activities in one place making it a natural community hub for those looking to explore or launch Web3 projects.

Without a doubt our primary focus is to ensure that the experience on Snipcoins.com is as seamless and user friendly as possible. That said, Snipcoins.com is crypto exclusive – all content and projects must be related to cryptocurrency, NFTs, or blockchain technology.


Can you tell us a bit more about the Snipcoins management team and their background?

It’s small, motivated and growing.

Snipcoins.com is founded by Jervis Dent, whose interest is incorporated into Frostic, LLC a web development company out of Orlando, Florida. Jervis also serves as the project’s primary developer. He has led Snipcoins.com’s transition to Proton Chain from the prohibitive fees and capacity of the Ethereum network. At present, Jervis is assisted by multiple other developers to varying degrees. Additionally, Jervis has sought the input of outside advisers regarding both technical and business issues. As Snipcoins gains traction and moves forward, additional members of the team will be introduced.


Can you tell us more about Snipcoins.com’s vision?

Our vision is to be the gateway to the crypto world; to build a vibrant place where people can come to find and discover all things crypto.  The possibilities are exciting to imagine – tokenomics & incentive lectures, NFT creation workshops, job postings and smart contract coding services.



Tell us about what lead up to building Snipcoins.com. Why did you start this?

Snipcoins.com idea came to me in July, 2021 while searching twitter for new crypto projects to invest in. I noticed a pattern with all the projects that sparked my interest, they relied heavily on telegram and discord to organize and build their communities. It was time consuming and exhausting jumping back and forth between all these platforms to keep up with the latest updates and developments of different projects, plus dealing with bots, spams, scams and impersonators on twitter and telegram.  This was a terrible experience, so I decided to do something about it and build snipcoins.com, an alternative interactive social platform dedicated exclusively to crypto.


Why did you choose the Proton Blockchain to build Snipcoins?

Proton is unbeatable as a feeless, layer 1 blockchain.

Originally, Snipcoins.com was designed to run off of the Ethereum blockchain.

However, Ethereum’s infamously high gas and network fees made this not feasible. Unlike the Ethereum platform, Proton transactions are fast and gas-free, undoubtedly, Proton’s zero gas-fees were the initial reason why we looked at moving to its blockchain and it is a significant contributor to Snipcoins.com’s overall viability.


What benefits do token holders have with Snipcoins (SNIPS)? (Staking, Governance, etc)

SNIPS is purely a utility token minted serving as the basis for upgraded membership on Snipcoins.com. Holding SNIPS allows members to upgrade their account and unlock Pro membership features on the platform like create groups and pages, upload video, image and audio, boost/promote posts and project pages.

A Pro membership permits a member to promote a greater number of posts and project pages than with Lite membership. This is perfect for the person with crypto trading insights to share, with NFTs to sell, or other information to promote to the overall Snipcoins’ membership.

Currently holding SNIPS does not include any governance rights or equity rights but this is something the team will be exploring in the future.

Can you tell us a bit more about what’s coming next for Snipcoins.com?

The Snipcoins.com team certainly has immediate objectives on which it is


AtomicAssets/NFT integration – Admittedly, when Snipcoins first began development aiming for the Ethereum network, NFTs were nowhere close to playing the important and evolving role they play in the overall crypto sphere today. While not a part of its initial interface, since migrating to the Proton Chain and launching our native SNIPS token, substantial and on-going effort is being put into ensuring that the NFT experience is built into and supported by Snipcoins.com.

NFT Showcasing / Gallery – A primary effort in this regard is to build, and continually refine, its utility as a cutting edge, but easy to use, NFT showcasing headquarters. Snipcoins is integrated with the Proton Wallet, which in addition to their crypto currency holdings (ie. XPR, SNIPS, xBTC), houses within it all of a person’s NFTs minted on the Proton Chain.

WebAuth.com Wallet Login – Users will have the option to login with WebAuth wallet or email address.

🟣 Tipping with $SNIPS, $XPR, xTokens

🟣 On-chain governance voting (integrate DAO dash)

🟣 Spaces style voice hangouts 

🟣 Partnership with Bountyblok for NFT tools

🟣 Daily “best post” giveaways in $SNIPS

🟣 “Memorialize” to chain feature (paid in $SNIPS)


Project Details

Main Website | Snipcoins.com
Twitter | @snipcoins
Telegram | @snipcoinsxpr


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