Written by Marlon

On March 19, 2021

The Monster NFT Demo is live

We’re proud to say that the first open source demo of our NFT platform is now live. Just to set expectations: this doesn’t yet have an NFT creator, and the prices are set in FOOBAR (our free token). The full market is coming in the next few weeks.


So what are the components to this?


First of all there is the ability to login and authenticate with our mobile proton wallet. You do this by grabbing your wallet at https://www.protonchain.com/wallet and creating your unique username. This is a name like “fred” that uniquely identifies you on the Proton blockchain. You will then login by scanning a QR code with this wallet.

Depositing FOOBAR

The next step in this demo is getting and depositing our free token FOOBAR. You can load up on this token here: https://foobar.protonchain.com/For now (this will change), you need to go to the menu and deposit the FOOBAR in your account. But again, just this version.

Buying a Monster

You can now buy a monster. Click a monster you are interested in and select a serial number and buy it.

Note that you can see the provenance of the monster (the sales history) below. We were too lazy to add item descriptions for this demo but you would typically see a paragraph for each item.

Selling a Monster

Selling a monster is simple. Just click on your items, select a monster, and mark it for sale. When it sells, the FOOBAR is transfered in your name in the contract and you can claim it in the menu.


All of this code is open source and can be found here: https://github.com/protonprotocol/nft-demo

Improvements and Kudos.

Big thanks to Kory, Cindy and Syed. Also big thanks to the Atomic Asset guys at Pink. This entire demo was coded start to finish in 14 days. Much, much more to come.

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