Written by Logan Smith

On April 22, 2022

Web3 Starts Here – Q2 and Beyond – Key Takeaways

This week, we shared Episode 3 of Web3 Starts Here with our community – our digital audio series that gives you exclusive access to the brightest minds in finance, rising stars in crypto, and in-depth analysis of the Proton ecosystem.

Episode 3 was focused on looking ahead to Q2 2022 and beyond, with input from Metal Product Manager Karen McHenry, CFO Irina Berkon, CEO Marshall Hayner, VP of Engineering Syed Jafri, and Marketing Manager Will Cleaver. Here’s a quick rundown on what they discussed:

The Proton blockchain is hitting key milestones

It’s been almost two years since the launch of the Proton blockchain, and the growth we’ve seen has been nothing less than thrilling. One of the most important milestones centers on us meeting the initial goals we set for ourselves – something that not every blockchain project is able to say.

“We have completed our technical roadmap that was launched at the start with Proton.” – Syed Jafri

Building off of this momentum, we’ve redesigned our entire documentation site from the ground up to make it easier for developers to build on Proton. As Marshall outlined in a recent Twitter thread, this makes it far easier to build powerful smart contracts that run on Proton.

Metal Pay is coming to Europe sooner than you think

The update that many members of our global Metal Family have been waiting for is closer than ever: Metal Pay is nearing its launch in Europe!

“The first Bitcoin transaction on Metal Pay in Europe happened last week.” – Karen McHenry

We’ve been touched by the consistent support and enthusiasm that we’ve seen from our European fans over the years. Even though you couldn’t use Metal Pay yourselves, you believed in our vision for a world with more financial independence. We have been so eager to meet you officially, and we’re thrilled that it’s happening soon.

As Irina said, “Europe is being launched momentarily, and some of the accounts are already live.”

New features, new partners coming to Proton

We are continuing to grow and refine our flagship products to improve the experience for our users. For example, we’re further developing the functionality and utility of NFTs on Proton. As Syed Jafri said:

“We’re working on an Ethereum / Proton NFT bridge.”

“NFT integration is coming to the WebAuth Wallet, with dollar values.”

We’re also continuing to explore partnerships with people, businesses, and corporations who are interested in building on Proton. Some of these conversations stem from our Proton Billboard Bounty campaign – such as a carbon credits project that wants to leverage Proton’s ecologically friendly blockchain – while others are a result of our collective efforts as a company meeting people, talking to projects, and showcasing our superior technology.

Metal as a company is growing and thriving

Our company, like most start-ups, had humble beginnings. But unlike most start-ups, we’ve grown past our wildest dreams and are well on the path to building the vision we originally dreamed up. Here are some key quotes from our CFO, Irina Berkon, to paint the picture:

“We have grown our employee count by 60%, and 50% of our employees are paid in cryptocurrency in a compliant way.”

“Our revenues are up 80% in the last 6 months, year over year.”

“Our users have been able to complete real estate transactions, pay taxes, utility bills, receive paychecks, and of course trade crypto, in a secure fashion.”

We don’t share this information to brag, but rather to let our community members celebrate with us as we look back on a successful journey so far, and as we look ahead to what’s coming in the near future. We’re so excited for what’s ahead – and we hope you are, too.

Remember: Web 3.0 Starts at Proton.


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Welcome to Proton, we’re glad you’re here.

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