Written by Logan Smith

On January 13, 2022

Why we bought a Billboard

The Proton blockchain was built for Web3. With instant transactions, no expensive fees, and an ecologically friendly foundation, Protonchain has proven itself capable of powering smart contracts, FinTechs, dApps, NFT markets, and so much more.

Our community knows this firsthand – now it’s time for the rest of the world to know.

Why we bought a Billboard

The San Francisco Bay Area is the innovation capital of the world, the original home of Metallicus, and where most Web3 technology is currently being built. A hive-mind of innovators, venture capitalists, and tech startups, bringing your ideas to The City That Knows How is one of the best ways to reach all the right people.

We launched this billboard in San Francisco because we want the right people to discover that the Proton blockchain is ready for them. Every Web3 idea they might have – from the Metaverse, to identity attestation, to NFT creation, to decentralized smart contracts, fast borderless payments is already powered by Proton and ready to be ported into their own projects.

Introducing The Proton Billboard Bounty

The real world billboard has its purpose as explained above, but it wouldn’t be very ‘Web3’ of us to leave it out of the Metaverse. That’s why we’re launching the Proton Billboard Bounty.

We’ve created 10 limited edition Proton Billboard NFT’s backed up with a $5000 bounty paid in XPR for anyone that can successfully deliver a partnership for Protonchain. This campaign will be running for the next 12 weeks, ending in early April.

Here’s how it works:

  • Leverage your network
      • Start leveraging the real world connections you have to deliver a B2B (business-to-business) partnership for Proton.
      • Know somebody that works at AirBnB? Have an uncle who works for Brex? This is your excuse to give them a call and tell them how Proton can bring their brand into the world of Web3.
  • Make the connections
      • Figure out what they need and let them know Proton can make it happen.
      • Is a fashion brand interested in adding an NFT marketplace to their website?
      • Is a cosmetics brand interested in offering cryptocurrency as a payment method?
  • Connect them to Proton
      • Once you have generated some interest, it’s time to bring it home and close the deal.
      • Put them in touch with our team by starting an email thread with yourself, them, and us by emailing billboardbounty@protonchain.com – we can take it from there.
  • Receive your bounty
    • If we officially partner with the brand you introduce us to, you’ll receive 1 of 10 limited edition NFT’s along with a $5000 bounty paid in XPR.

It’s that simple. Use your network, make the introduction, and if they complete a successful partnership with Proton, you’re rewarded!

Help Proton Grow

Our community has been eager to see more marketing activity from us, and we intend to deliver in ways that truly move the needle and help accelerate the growth of the Proton blockchain. By offering bounties for partnerships on Proton, we’re giving our community a way to pour their energy and attention into tasks that help the ecosystem expand in substantial ways. Additionally, this campaign serves to make our billboard a global one – not only will venture capitalists and web developers see our name while stuck in traffic, but you’ll help everyone outside of San Francisco discover Proton, too.

We believe in a better future, one that is decentralized, more free, and more accessible than what we see today. By empowering our users to build the ecosystem that they know and love, we’re setting the industry standard for what a future-oriented company should look like. As we help the world step into Web3, we’re glad that we’ll be doing it alongside a community that is intelligent, creative, and passionate about what’s coming.

Welcome to Proton, we’re glad you’re here.


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